Vinten Osprey Plus Pedestal- USED


Vinten Osprey Plus Pedestal

  • Dual Stage
  • Wheel protectors
  • Kick-bar

This pedestal is in excellent working condition and has great cosmetics.

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Vinten Osprey Plus Pedestal

The Osprey Plus two-stage pedestal is a fully portable pneumatic camera mount with self-contained pump, designed to support a payload of up to 75 kg (165 lb).

The pedestal has a central two-stage telescopic column, supported on a skid assembly with steered wheels. To facilitate transport, the steering ring may be removed, the telescopic column and skid separated and the skid folded.

Elevation of the bottom stage is assisted by a gas strut located within the column. To provide a suitable degree of assistance for various column loads, four versions of the gas strut are available, each designed to operate over a particular load range.

The top stage has a pressure-to-load ratio of approximately 1.26 bar /10 kg (10 psi/13 lb) and may be pressurized manually, using the self-contained pump, or from an external pressure source.

The pedestal is equipped with a relief valve to prevent an excessive build-up of pneumatic pressure and with a safety catch to prevent accidental operation of the telescopic column. The pressure relief valve operates at the predetermined level and automatically resets at a predetermined level below this.

The skid assembly comprises a centre casting, three equispaced skid legs, three twin wheels and a kickbar. The bottom stage of the telescopic column is secured to the centre casting by a retaining clamp. The centre casting also contains the skid steering mechanism, together with a crab/steer changeover control. Two of the legs may be folded for transportation and extended to either full or to “narrow doorway” tracking. Interchangeable twin wheels – 125 mm (5 in.) diameter, fitted with cable guards  for studio use or 160 mm (6.3 in.) diameter for outside broadcast (OB) use – are installed on each foot support, with brakes on the folding legs and a tiller socket on the fixed leg. A continuous chain connects the steering mechanism to each leg, with further chains in each leg to connect the wheels. Clutches in each wheel unit disconnect the steering in the event of the wheel striking an obstacle. A rubber strap on each foot support secures the bottom stage struts. A cable clamp is provided on the fixed leg. A kickbar is retained on the underside of the centre casting by three sliding catches.