Vinten Fulmar w/ Vector 70 Head- USED


Vinten Fulmar w/Vector70

Includes 2 handles and extensions

Available with and without Vector 70 head

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Vinten Fulmar w/Vector70

The Vinten Fulmar pedestal is capable of supporting and counterbalancing a payload weighing between 22.68 kg (50 lb) and 158 kg (350 lb), which provides it with adequate capacity for the majority of cameras, camera mountings, prompters and other accessories. The pedestal has a fully counterbalanced, nitrogen-charged column which may be raised and lowered
under hand control. Pedestal motion about the studio is controlled by the cameraman who directs the movement with the steering ring. A foot-operated changeover mechanism allows selection of crab or steer modes of movement.

The major assemblies of the Fulmar pedestal are the telescopic column and the base. The telescopic column is located in a fixed tube secured to the base assembly, and consists of a
three-stage extension unit and a two-stage ram. The ram is pressurised by nitrogen stored in a tubular tank and this tank forms the main structure of the base.

The pressure of the nitrogen in the ram balances the weight of the moving parts of the pedestal column plus the payload (i.e. the camera and any accessories). When lowering or raising the load the effort applied to the column by the cameraman needs only to overcome the friction of the moving parts and the drag preset by the variable friction control. The column sections are linked internally by cords and chains running over pulleys and sprockets. This system ensures that all three sections extend or retract to the same extent.

The richly-featured Vinten Vector 70 pan/tilt head is intended for professional studio and OB camera packages weighing up to 154 lbs (70 kg).

Counterbalance is achieved by means of a sliding top stage and a continuously-variable spring mechanism which allows the head to tilt through the full 120° tilt range in perfect balance, eliminating a considerable amount of physical effort required by the operator. In that the camera payload is perfectly balanced, it may be left at any angle, totally hands free, without engaging the tilt brake.

Though not a fluid head proper, the Vector 70 delivers the same function of smoothly conveying the camera package in a manner akin to heads filled with fluid, but with greater versatility. The Vinten LF (Lubricated Friction) drag system provides continuously variable, stiction-free drag where the torque is provided by a bearing assembly of dissimilar materials assisted with a specifically-engineered lubricant. Unique to this method of dampening, drag may be interrupted with whip pans or tilts at any point within the dampening range, then return to the normal resistance.