Vaddio 3 Cameras PTZ System


USED – Vaddio three camera PTZ system with three Vaddio HD 22 Cameras with CCU, The Vaddio ProductionView HD-MV Camera Control console, and the Vaddio 18.5” Teletouch HD touch screen rack mount  LCD monitor.


The impressive Vaddio™ PowerVIEW HD-22 and HD-30 high definition PTZ cameras are available with 22X and 30X power zoom optics. This new camera the 3rd generation Maicovicon 1MOS, 1/2.8-Type, progressive scan image sensors, which allow for better light sensitivity, increased noise reduction and lower power consumption than either CCD or CMOS image sensors. This advanced MOS image sensor provides for delicate gradation, realistic textures and vivid colors that are comparable to 3-chip camera performance.
Both the HD-22 and the HD-30 provide matchless low-light capabilities with a minimum illumination rating of an amazing 0.4 lux (color) and 0.3 lux (B/W). With a 2.2 Megapixel MOS sensor, the cameras deliver native 1080p/60 FullHD video resolution and superior color reproduction for use in any professional A/V presentation, videoconferencing, House of Worship, education, live event, industrial and even medical applications. The HD-22 has a powerful 22X multi-element glass zoom lens (f=4.3mm to 94.6mm) and works exceptionally in large rooms. However, the premium optics also provides a super-wide horizontal field of view of 65.2º, which works very well in small room video applications. The HD-30, as the name would suggest, has a robust 30X optical power zoom lens that enables the capture of brilliant and detailed video images even in the largest rooms.
The cameras output multi-format HD video in both analog component (YPbPr), HDMI and differential formats in HD resolutions of 1080p/59.94, 1080p/50 1080p/29.97 1080p/25, 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/59.94, 720p/50 and SD resolutions of 480p/59.97 and 576p/50.
The PowerVIEW cameras will be offered with the Quick-Connect™ systems using HSDS™ for use with Cat-5 cable to distribute video, power and control. The Quick-Connects packages will include the Quick-Connect Universal CCU, Quick-Connect SR, Quick-Connect DVI/HDMI SR and the new Quick-Connect USB due out summer 2013. The HD-22 and the HD-30 camera packages are an exceptional value and are remarkable for the most demanding HD video applications
PRODUCTIONVIEW™ HD MV HD Camera Control Console with Multiviewer, Analog and Digital Outputs, Camera Preset Video Thumbnails and Optional TeleTouch™ Multiviewer Touch Screen Control Monitor
The Vaddio ProductionVIEW™ HD MV production switcher with integrated camera controller and multiviewer is a powerful, cost effective intuitive platform for live presentation environments. Adding the optional Vaddio TeleTouch™ Multiviewer Touch Screen Control Monitor provides live video switching with the touch of your finger!
The ProductionVIEW HD MV is a broadcast quality 6 x 2 multi-format, seamless video mixer that also provides two discrete outputs for dual bus program feeds (two independent 6 x 1 switcher-s mixers).
It also includes a broadcast style 3-Axis/1-Button Hall Effect Joystick with twist-handle Zoom Control as well as separate Pan, Tilt and Speed Control Knobs. Cuts, Dissolves and Wipes can be achieved through user-selectable buttons built into the control surface. A new Lower Screen Graphic (LSG) function allows users to overlay their computer graphics onto the program video output. Analog and digital HD video resolutions up to and including 1080p/60fps are supported by the ProductionVIEW HD MV (see Technical Specifications).
ProductionVIEW HD MV is the ideal HD switcher and camera control system for a wide variety of video applications, including houses of worship, local government and live event production.
Optional TeleTouch Multiviewer Touch Screen Control Monitor
See, Touch and Switch… With Vaddio’s revolutionary TeleTouch Multiviewer Touch Screen Control Monitor, video production operators can easily see and switch all live feeds and create “video thumbnails” of preset camera shots.
Eliminates individual preview monitors The TeleTouch Multiviewer Touch Screen Control Monitor displays up to six preview monitors and allows the camera operator to see and switch all the live video feeds by simply touching the windows that they want controlled.
Each camera input can have up to 12 stored “video thumbnails” of each preset camera shot. The video thumbnails provide an easy way to identify and recall preset camera positions on a per input basis in the preview window, which greatly simplifies overall console operation.
TeleTouch HD Touch Screen LCD Monitor
Vaddio™ 22” and 18.5” Resistive Touch Technology, Full HD LCD Monitors for use with the ProductionVIEW™ HD MV and ProductionVIEW HD-SDI MV Multiviewer Video Consoles
The Vaddio TeleTouch LCD touch screen monitors for the ProductionVIEW MV series consoles use 5-wire resistive touch technology, which allows the operator to control the consoles with the simple touch of a finger, gloved hand or stylus. The image quality is exceptionally bright and clear, enhancing the contact activation point and assuring operational accuracy.
With Vaddio’s TeleTouch HD touch screen monitor and the powerful ProductionVIEW MV series console firmware, video production operators can easily switch all live feeds and create video thumbnails of preset camera shots. The TeleTouch monitors can be configured to display up to six (6) input windows and two (2) larger Preview and Program windows with red and green tally borders. In addition, each PTZ camera input can store up to 12 video thumbnail preset camera shots.
Unlike retail/consumer grade monitors, the TeleTouch LCD panels are high-end, industrial quality and are designed for durability when used in demanding control environments. The TeleTouch LCD Monitors are the perfect complement to the ProductionVIEW MV multiviewer consoles and deliver an amazing touch screen control solution featuring a brilliant, full HD (1080/60p or 1080/50p) image quality for many applications.
The Universal CCU is the new Quick-Connect CCU for the WallVIEW HD-20, HD-19 and HD-18 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera Systems. The Universal CCU will have three main models – CAT-5 version, Wireless version for the HD-20 and Optical version for all cameras. The CAT-5 Universal CCU uses HSDSTM (high speed differential signaling), an active video transmission system, to deliver high-quality HD video over standard CAT-5 cabling up to 500’ (152.4m) with virtually no loss in video quality or latency. One of the most flexible attributes the Universal CCU has is at the output section. It has HD-SDI or SDI outputs, HDMI and HD Analog Component (YPbPr) outputs, all which can be used concurrently. Resolution ranges from 480i up to and including 1080p/60 on all outputs.
CCU Controls The CCU functions on the CAT-5 versions for the HD-20 and the HD-18 include Red and Blue gain, Iris functions, Chroma, Pedestal, Knee, Detail, Gamma and Gain. The HD-19 system controls include Red and Blue gain, Iris functions, Chroma, Brightness OPWB, detail, Gamma Shutter, Image Stabilization, Noise Reduction and Gain Simultaneous Outputs The Universal CCU has HD-SDI or SDI outputs, HDMI and HD Analog component (YPbPr) outputs, all of which can be used concurrently. Resolution throughout ranges from 480i up to and including 1080p/60 on all ouputs. The HDMI out is HD only (720/1080i/1080p).
Universal CCU for Vaddio WallVIEWTM HD-20, HD-19 and HD-18 PTZ Camera Systems
The Universal CCU has a new industrial design that simplifies the operation of the CCU. The back-lit blue LED screen displays up to eight parameters at a time and the camera’s model number, so the interrelationship of the controls can easily and quickly be read and understood. The silicon back-lit blue buttons are soft and silent for critical studio adjustments. All of the controls are adjusted with the menu rotary encoder with select and cancel buttons. The WallVIEW CCU series for ClearVIEW HD-20, HD-19 and HD-18 allows the user to adjust Red and Blue Gain, Iris functions, Chroma, Pedestal, Knee, Detail, Gamma and Gain on the cameras. These controls allow the camera to deliver a more accurate representation of the image that is being captured. Other added advantages include the ability to color match multiple cameras and eliminate the need to use automatic exposure and color settings. User-defined adjustments may be stored using three scene buttons.