Utah Scientific Router 400 Series with RTR- USED


Utah Scientific Router 400 Series with RTR

  • 64×64 Analog audio
  • 64×64 AES audio
  • 6×6 madi
  • 144×192 3G video INC 16×16 de/emb
    • (5) LC32
    • (6) LC80
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Utah Scientific Router 400 Series with RTR

The UTAH-400 Series 2 hybrid IP video routers are designed to provide a single platform for all signal formats including those used in IP networks. Each router is based on a unique hybrid architecture, making it ideal for even the most complex signal management environments. Robust tools for switching and processing signals drive a complete, integrated, and flexible system for the facilities of today and the future. Utah Scientific has introduced a family of advanced modules that greatly simplifies system design, delivering a wide range of router functionality in a single frame that otherwise would require the addition of external equipment.

Modules enable SDI management, IP decoding and multiplexing of SMPTE ST-2022, synchronizing incoming signals to a common reference, clean-quiet switching on specific outputs, audio shuffling, de-embedding and embedding, AES, MADI, and support for fiber and analog formats. In addition to this configuration flexibility, the UTAH-400 Series 2 offers a common set of I/O cards for any frame size.

Modular and hot swappable from the front, the cards reduce physical space requirements and power consumption dramatically for increased efficiency and long-term scalability in your operation. UTAH-400 Series 2 routers are readily scalable from 72 x 72 to 1056 x 1056, offering frame sizes of 72 x 72, 144 x 144, 288 x 288, 528 x 528, and 1056 x 1056.

Controlling your UTAH-400 Series 2 routers is easy using our UCP family of hardware control panels. With over 12 models available to suit every operation, from the simplest to the most advanced, panels are easily customized by dragging and dropping buttons in the Uco software. Designed for the broadcasting and multiplatform workflows
of today and tomorrow, the optional Axon Cerebrum software makes monitoring, control, and configuration on a broadcast infrastructure easier, more efficient, and more
cost-effective. Cerebrum provides comprehensive tools to configure, control, monitor, and maintain products from any manufacturer within and beyond the broadcasting industry.
Our SoftPanel-2 GUI software offers another powerful control option, enabling complete customization of panel design including layout, functions, button sizes, and button colors as required by each location or user.