Triax Cables, Many Lengths Available- USED

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Triax Cables, Many Lengths Available

  • 100’
  • 250’
  • 500’
  • 820’
  • 1,000’

Cable Reels in the pictures are NOT included.

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Triax Cables, Many Lengths Available

Triaxial, or triax cable for short, is used in similar applications to coaxial cables. Because they are designed with three conductors versus two in coax and feature an extra layer of shielding and insulation, they are generally more costly.

This extra shielding provides ground and is more resistant to EMI than coax designs because it is separate from the other layers of shielding. This also means triaxial cables are less expensive and experiences less loss than a coaxial design.

Offering more bandwidth than coax cables, triaxial cables usually range from 14 to 22 AWG and can be used in both permanent installs or flexible applications, including cameras used for high-definition broadcast, instrumentation or RF use, where cross-talk may be an issue. Permanent installs can make use of direct burial, riser and plenum options while portable devices, such as cameras on television trucks, can use flexible triax.