Telex PS-31 Intercom Power Supply- USED



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The Model PS31 supplies 32 volts regulated DC power to each of three intercom channels. It has short circuit and thermal overload protection, with automatic recovery when the fault is removed.


Program Input

There is a PROGRAM INPUT connector on the rear panel. A CHANNEL ASSIGN switch on the front panel assigns the program to any of the three channels. A LEVEL control adjusts the program level to the intercom channel.

Input Power

The PS31 is available in two versions: one for 115 VAC operation and one for 230 VAC operation. A simple internal modification changes the operating voltage for 100 VAC or 200 VAC. A POWER on/off switch is provided on the front panel.

Intercom Channel Connections

Intercom channels are connected to the rear panel of the PS31. A variety of connector pin-outs is provided to accommodate individual system requirements.

Impedance Selection

The PS31 provides the required channel terminating impedance for each channel. A 200/400 ohm IMPEDANCE SELECT switch for each channel is located on the rear panel. These switches are set to 200 ohms for normal operation. The 400 ohm setting permits two PS31’s to be coupled to double the DC capacity of the system.


The Model PS31 can be rack mounted or used free standing. The rack mount is a standard 19-inches wide by 3.5-inches high. Allow room for cable connections.