Telex MCP-90-12 – USED


Unlock crystal-clear communication with the Telex MCP-90-12 – the gooseneck microphone that ensures your voice is heard, not the noise. Designed for video pros who demand the best, it’s your key to flawless production coordination. Don’t let poor audio derail your vision; choose Telex, where every word matters.

  • Telex MCP-90-12


Introducing the Telex MCP-90-12, the ultimate gooseneck panel microphone designed specifically for video production professionals seeking seamless communication solutions. This lightweight, phantom-powered marvel is crafted to enhance your intercom experience, offering crystal-clear audio transmission in even the most demanding studio environments.

The MCP-90-12 boasts a directional cardioid polar pattern and a back-electret condenser design, ensuring that your voice cuts through the noise with exceptional clarity. Its superior sensitivity and minimal ambient sound pickup mean that your team will never miss a crucial cue or instruction. Plus, with virtually nullified handling noise, you can make adjustments on the fly without disrupting your production.

Effortlessly compatible with Telex and RTS keypanels, as well as selected Audiocom wired intercom stations, this versatile microphone features a TRS output connector for easy installation. The custom windscreen is a game-changer, providing pop filtering, overload protection, and response-shaping to deliver professional-grade audio every time.