Telex BTR-800 Base Station w/ 4 TR-800 E88 Wireless Beltpacks

Telex BTR-800 Base Station w/ 4 TR-800 Wireless Beltpacks

  • Alexander 4 Slot Battery Charger included
  • Frequency
    • TX: 470.1- 487.9
    • Rx: 590.1- 607.9

The RadioCom BTR-800 UHF-synthesized wireless intercom systems offer the ultimate in reliable, high-performance, high fidelity full-duplex communications. The BTR-800 system includes the BTR-800 frequency-agile base station, working with up to four TR-800 or TR-825 frequency-agile beltpacks. The BTR-800 base station provides full-duplex communications with the beltpacks. The BTR system incorporates two audio channel operation, permitting the beltpack operator to choose between two separate audio channels of communications, with the base station tracking the beltpack selection. This allows the user the flexibility to create a party line and a private line within the same beltpack. The BTR-800 system is perfectly suited for stand-alone operation and can interface with Audiocom, RTS Two-Wire Intercom, Clear-Com as well as RTS Digital Matrix Intercom systems and other four-wire communications systems.

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