Telex BP-1002 Single Channel Beltpack- USED


Telex BP-1002 Beltpack

Key Features
  • Wired Single-Channel Beltpack
  • Talk Button and Indicator
  • Sidetone Control


Telex BP-1002 Beltpack

The Telex BP-1002 Single-Channel Beltpack and HR-1 Headset Kit from B&H feature a wired Telex microprocessor-controlled intercom beltpack and a Telex HR-1 headset with boom mic. The beltpack has an internal switch and jumper settings that can also be used with Clear-Com components if desired.

The BP1002 is equipped with a volume knob and dedicated LED lights for the Call and Talk buttons. Featuring a sidetone control trim that adjusts personal voice level monitoring in the headset, the beltpack has an attached belt clip and uses standard XLR line connectors for balanced or unbalanced operation .

The HR-1 is a single-sided, medium-weight headset and is suitable for moderately- noisy working environments. It has passive noise reduction and a noise-canceling dynamic flexible-boom microphone. The padded headband evenly distributes the ear cushion pressure over the entire ear. The headset folds compactly for storage and transportation.

The Telex BP-1002 and BP-2002 are ideal beltpacks that keep users connected and offer mobility as well as hands free convenience. The power circuitry has been redesigned and reinforced to improve overall performance. For a completely portable intercom system, directly connect your belt pack to the back of an intercom Power Supply or Master Station. Alternately, passive wall connector plates can be permanently installed at strategic locations, and the beltpacks can then be connected to these using cables. Both the BP-1002 and BP-2002 are Clear-Com compatible.

The Telex BP-1002 is a single-channel wired intercom beltpack featuring a 3-pin XLR input/output configuration. These connections can be used in balanced or unbalanced situations, and the unit itself can pass power through to other beltpacks, thus daisy-chaining devices in tandem.

The BP-1002 features an auto sensor which self-determines if an Electret or Dynamic headset is attached, as well as a talk-button activated headset, a sidetone control to modulate the level of your own voice in your headset, and a light-based call feature to summon other users as needed. Additionally, the BP-1002 is Clear-Com compatible, making it suitable for use within—or orchestrating—live productions.