Telex BP-1002 Single-Channel Beltpack- USED


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The Audiocom® BP-1002 is  microprocessor controlled one- channel intercom belt pack. An internal switch and jumper setting allows the unit to be used with Clear-Com® components, if desired. Other internal switch and jumper settings allow the unit to be uniquely configured to the operator’s requirements.

The BP-1002 belt pack receives power externally, via the intercom channel.

The channel termination is initially set for balanced operation, which is compatible with other Audiocom® equipment. If the unit is going to be connected to Clear-Com equipment, one switch and several jumpers must be changed as described in the section on Clear-Com Setup in this manual.

The BP1002 is equipped with a volume knob and dedicated LED lights for the Call and Talk buttons. Featuring a sidetone control trim that adjusts personal voice level monitoring in the headset, the beltpack has an attached belt clip and uses standard XLR line connectors for balanced or unbalanced operation .