Tektronix WFM-7200 Waveform Monitor – USED


This WFM-7200 was pulled from a working environment and has minimal signs of usage. You can find specs on this unit by looking at the pictures. If you need additional information on this piece please call or email us today!



The WFM7200 Waveform Monitors are baseband monitors that provide comprehensive video, audio, embedded data, and physical layer monitoring and measuring features across a broad range of signal formats, including 3 Gb/s, Dual Link, SD, HD, and composite.

This instrument is a reference measurement tool that can be used in the design and manufacture of production equipment. It provides the precision and intuitive monitoring capabilities necessary to standardize and maintain a signal through the distribution system to the viewer.

Your instrument provides comprehensive support for physical layer measurements and newer high definition digital production formats. It can provide a warning
of any deviation from accepted standards or possible signal incompatibilities,
and allows you to immediately evaluate the effect of any adjustment. The key features of your instrument make it an easy to use, flexible, and effective tool.

The Multi-Input Display mode allows you to simultaneously view
up to four SDI inputs of the same format (requires Option 2SDI). The feature is available in Waveform, Vector, Lightning, Diamond, Split Diamond, Arrowhead, and Spearhead displays. If you are monitoring a 2xHD Level B 3 Gb/s signal, you can select to view the streams of that signal individually (requires Option 3G).

The FlexVuTM display is a four-tiled, high-resolution XGA display that provides four concurrent views of a monitored signal. The instrument also provides the flexibility to configure each of the four display tiles independently, enabling you to quickly check the integrity of a signal. In SIM mode, the FlexVuTM display allows for the monitoring of two signals at the same time, dividing the display into two sides; one for each signal.