Sony XVS-8000 – USED


The Sony XVS-8000 is a powerhouse switcher designed to take your productions to the next level, especially in the world of 4K and beyond.

  • Sony XVS-8000 Production Switcher
    • 3x XKSS8110 – 16 SDI Input Board
    • 4x XKSS8165 – 16 SDI Output Board
    • 1x XKS8160 – Output Processor Board
    • 2x XKS8210 – M/E Board w/Resizer
    • 1x XKS8440 – Frame Memory Board
    • 1x MKS8080 – 32-Button Remote Panel
    • 1x XZS8510 – 1st M/E 4k Upgrade License
    • 1x XZS8520 – 2nd M/E 4k Upgrade Licenses
    • 1x PWS100SC1 – System Control Server for ICPX7000
    • 1x MKSX7011 – Menu Panel for ICPX7000
    • 3x MKSX7099 – Panel Tub + CPU Module
    • 3x MKSX7019 – 20-Button Crosspoint Module
    • 2x MKSX7020 – Standard Transition Module
    • 2x MKSX7024 – Flexipad Module
    • 1x MKSX7026 – 10-Key Pad Module
    • 1x MKSX7031TB – Trackball Module
    • 1x MKSX7033 – Shotbox / Utility Module
    • 1x MKSX7035 – Key Control Module
    • 1x MKSX2700 – Device Control Unit Processor for Tally
Equipment was originally purchased in 2016 by a House of Worship, and has been in use by the original owner since purchase.
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Unleash the Power of 4K Production with the Sony XVS-8000

The XVS-8000 is more than just a switcher; it’s a production hub built to address the needs of today’s demanding broadcast environments. Here’s why it should be the centerpiece of your next production:

Unmatched Scalability and Flexibility:

  • Accommodate Large Productions: The XVS-8000 boasts a massive capacity, scaling up to a whopping 160 inputs and 64 outputs, with the ability to handle 10 M/E banks. This ensures you have the flexibility to manage even the most complex productions with ease.
  • Current Configuration: We understand you might not need the full capacity right away. The system we currently have equipped is perfect for medium-sized productions, with 48 inputs, 64 outputs, and 2 M/E banks featuring 4K capability.
  • Future-Proof Investment: The modular design of the XVS-8000 allows you to expand your system as your needs grow. Whether you need more inputs, outputs, or processing power, the XVS-8000 can adapt and scale with you.

Effortless 4K Production Workflow:

  • True 4K Performance: Experience the stunning detail and clarity of 4K with the XVS-8000. It delivers flawless 4K processing throughout the entire production chain, from input to output.
  • Simultaneous 4K and HD Operation: The XVS-8000 seamlessly handles a mix of 4K and HD signals, allowing you to integrate existing HD equipment into your 4K workflow effortlessly.
  • Up/Down/Cross Conversion: The XVS-8000 eliminates compatibility issues. It can convert between various video formats, including 4K, HD, and SD, so you can use virtually any source with ease.

Enhanced Efficiency and Control:

  • Streamlined IP Workflow: The XVS-8000 embraces the future of production with built-in support for SMPTE ST 2110 standards over 100G IP interfaces. This allows for a simplified, efficient IP-based workflow, reducing cabling complexity and simplifying signal management.
  • Optional 12G-SDI Interfaces: For those who prefer a traditional SDI workflow, the XVS-8000 offers optional 12G-SDI interface boards, providing even more connection flexibility.
  • Customizable Control Panel: The XVS-8000 utilizes the innovative ICP-X7000 control panel. This modular panel features OLED displays, RGB XPT buttons, and a customizable layout, allowing you to tailor it to your specific workflow and preferences.

Beyond the Basics:

The XVS-8000 is packed with additional features designed to empower your productions, including:

  • Advanced DME Capabilities: Create stunning visual effects with the optional 4K DME board, perfect for dynamic transitions and eye-catching graphics.
  • Intelligent Multi-Functional Tally System: Ensure seamless communication between your switcher and router with a built-in tally system that simplifies signal management.
  • Remote Operation Possibilities: Take control from anywhere with the XVS-8000’s remote operation capabilities. Virtual Panel, Virtual Menu, and Virtual Shot Box software allow for remote control over a network, providing incredible production flexibility.