Sony RCP-920- USED



Sony RCP-920

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The RCP-920 is a new remote control panel for use with BVP-E30 series and HDC-1500 series cameras. Designed especially for live production use, this RCP includes direct access to master gain, optical filters, and scene files. These, together with RGB black and white level adjustments and joystick control of iris and master black, provide fast, simple access to the most frequently used camera functions. Dedicated switches are provided for many on/off controls, and an LCD menu display and rotary encoders enable access to many other control adjustments.
Optimised control panel for live production
The RCP-920 shares the same overall size and general construction with the RCP-750/751, and the main control layout is very similar, so that users will be readily able to adapt to this newer panel design. However, the RCP-920 panel has been designed to speed up the access to the most frequently used functions.
Direct access to Gain and optical filters
In live operation, especially for sports use, camera vision operators frequently have to cope with rapidly changing lighting conditions. On the RCP-920, switches and indicators are provided for Master Gain and ND/CC Filters, allowing quick access without going through a series of menus.
Direct Scene File Controls
Up to 5 scene files can be stored and recalled using the panel buttons.
LCD display for Painting Functions
The RCP-920 is designed to provide simple day-to-day operational control, and the panel includes fast access to those functions that will be required. In order to access additional functions which may be occasionally required, the panel also includes three rotary encoders that can be assigned to various functions using an LCD menu.
Joystick Control for Iris/Master Black
The RCP-920 includes a joystick control of Iris and Master Black, together with LED readout of the corresponding settings. The control sensitivity can be changed to suit studio or OB operation. As an alternative, the RCP-921 has dial-type controls of Black and Iris.