Sony PMW-350 2/3″ XDCam Camcorder with Accessories- USED



XDCAM EX – New Generation Solid State Recording System

The PMW-350 extends the multiple award-winning XDCAM EX Solid State Recording product family with a new shoulder mount design and cutting edge new three 2/3 inch-type Exmor full-HD CMOS sensors. The PMW-350K also comes equipped with a 16x zoom HD lens (also available without lens as the PMW-350L) and offers all the advanced creative recording features of the PMW-EX1R compact camcorder, plus enhancements such as a Scene File System and 4 channel audio.

The 350’s chassis is based on the proven XDCAM HD422 chassis, but weighs just 3.2kg and is one of the lightest shoulder camcorders in its class. Exceptionally low power consumption makes it environmentally friendly, using approximately 60% less than a comparable HD shoulder camcorder.**

The PMW-350 supports multiple frame rate recording such as 59.94i, 50i, and native 23.98P and 25P as well as being 1080i/720P switchable. There is also a choice of a 35Mb/s High Quality mode, 25Mb/s HDV 1080i compatible mode and optional 25Mb/s Standard Definition DVCAM recording*. Twin memory card slots support up to 280 minutes HD recording time using two 32GB SxS memory cards.

XDCAM EX is a focus of continual innovation from IT-friendly MP4 file recording and advanced creative features, through to SxS-1 low cost media and an adaptor enabling the use of high-speed Memory Sticks™.

The PMW-350 is truly an innovation in compact shoulder camcorder development. It offers a supremely ergonomic lightweight, low profile chassis coupled with newly designed state-of-the-art 2/3-inch Exmor full HD CMOS sensors for superior picture performance and the proven XDCAM EX solid state workflow for maximum flexibility in whatever style of production is chosen.
Enhanced Workflow

Innovative solid state recording with SxS PRO ExpressCard memory cards offers the following benefits:

1 Compatible with industry-standard ExpressCard interface available on most modern laptops

2 No time lost to tape loading

3 Robust storage media, impervious to shocks and vibrations

4 Small, high capacity recording media offering over 4 hours of continuous HD content across 2 x 32GB cards.

5 Common interoperability with DVCAM, HDV and XDCAM – so ready to use immediately with most existing NLEs.

6 No need to worry about accidentally overwriting precious content

7 Write and Re-Writable media with no degradation in picture quality

8 Thumbnail images representing key scenes can be browsed and instantly accessed using on-camera colour screen

9 ‘ Essence Mark’ key scenes at the touch of a button

10 No frantic fast-forward/rewinding to find the clips you want to review

11 Non-proprietary media manufacture

12 Supplied with Clip Browser Software for viewing and copying clips to HDD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc.

Superior Picture Performance

Newly developed 2/3 inch Exmor™ CMOS processors offer true 1080 x 1920 resolution meeting the industry standard for broadcast cameras:

1 Large 2/3 inch sensors for excellent sensitivity and depth of field characteristics

2 Full 1080 x 1920 effective pixels

3 Low power consumption compared to CCD technology

4 1080 / 720, PAL/NTSC switchable for international programme production

Fujinon Professional 2/3inch HD Lens

The adoption of three 2/3-inch imagers and standard 2/3-inch bayonet lens interface means the PMW-350K is compatible with a wide variety of broadcast standard optional lenses, as well as being supplied with a 16x (optical) zoom HD lens. The PMW-350K provides a uniquely flexible control system designed to appeal to both broadcasters and videographers

1 16x (optical) Professional HD lens

2 Unique focus operation offering full manual focus with absolute focus operation similar to the lens focus on an interchangeable lens or manual/auto focus operation as per standard handheld cameras

3 AutoFocus Assist ensuring focus position can be altered

4 Manual Focus Assist to ensure optimum focus at all times

5 One Push Auto Iris.

Exciting and Creative Recording Modes

All XDCAM EX camcorders carry the legendary CineAlta brand, which represents optimisation for feature film production and specifically support for 23.98P recording capability – the standard frame rate for feature film production. Alongside this, there are a myriad of creative recording modes available including:

1 Scene File System allows camera operators to easily call-up customised picture tonal settings to suit particular shooting conditions. SxS memory cards can used for sharing settings between camcorders.

2 Slow and Quick motion offers a range of frame rates produced within the camera and available for instant review in the field

3 New shutter setting emulates filmic operation

4 Cine Gamma curves offer further filmic options for production

5 Frame and Interval recording offers further creative scope for animation and extremely quick motion effects

6 Slow Shutter for clear images in low-light environments

7 Standard Definition DVCAM recording mode extends operational flexibility (with Optional Hardware Key, CBK-DV01).