Sony MVS-8000G HD Switcher, 4 M/E, with 4 M/E Control Panel- USED


Sony MVS-8000G HD Switcher, 4 M/E with 4 M/E Control Panel

  • 4 X MKS-8210G  Mix Effect boards
  • 1 X MKS-8170G DME Interface Board
  • 2 X XPT-25 Boards
  • 2 X MKS-8450G Format Converter Boards
  • 2 X MKS-8160G 24-Output Boards
  • 1 X MKS-8442G Frame Memory Board
  • 1 X CA-54 CPU Board


Sony MVS-8000G HD Switcher, 4 M/E

The MVS-8000G is a multi-format switcher processor with a compact frame size only 8 RU high. The MVS-8000G offers a variety of option boards for flexible configurations from 2M/E to 4M/E. The MVS-8000G works as the main processor of the MVS-8000G switcher system with the CCP-8000/CCP-9000 Center Control Panel, MVE-8000G/MVE-9000 Multi Format DME Processor, and MKS-8700/MKS-2700 Device Control Unit.

4 X MKS-8210G  Mix Effect boards

1 X MKS-8170G DME Interface Board

2 X XPT-25 Boards

2 X MKS-8450G Format Converter Boards

2 X MKS-8160G 24-Output Boards

1 X MKS-8442G Frame Memory Board

1 X CA-54 CPU Board

Flexible system size
MVS-8000G systems are available with 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 3, 3.5 or 4 M/E’s banks and two processor frame sizes are available. The smaller MVS-8000GSF (4RU) frame can cope with up to 2.5 M/E’s, 34 I/P’s and 24 O/P’s and the larger MVS-8000SF (8RU) frame will cope with up to 4 M/E’s, 80 I/P’s and 56 O/P’s. A system can therefore be purchased with minimal components today and expanded as needs arise.

4 Keyers per M/E
Each M/E comes, as standard, with 4 full function keyers, each with its own transition capability. Luminance, Linear, Clean, Pattern, Chroma and Colour Vector keying modes are supported as standard by each keyer. Additionally the MVS-8000G series includes a simple DME channel for every keyer.

8 Channel Integrated DME
In addition to the standard Key DMEs, an optional, high specification, digital multi effects (DME) unit is available to partner the MVS-8000G and up to 8 channels can be specified. Each channel is a full function DME including 2D linear and non-linear effects with a key channel and lighting effects. THE MVE-8000A is a 2RU processor and can be fitted with either 2 or 4 channels of high quality digital effects generators.For even more stunning effects and higher picture quality the MVE-9000 is also available.

Internal format converters
The MVS-8000G chassis can be fitted with two format converter cards. Each card is capable of converting up to eight video I/Ps from one line standard to another. The card also provides 2 channels of O/P conversion which gives the ability to convert any switcher O/P from one standard to another.

Frame Memory
The MVS-8000G has the option of being supplied with 8 channels of frame memory. The frame memory system has the capacity to store up to 2000 HD images and both still frames and clip sequences can be stored and recalled. By utilising an external hard drive clips can quickly be backed up and uploaded ready for the programme operations.

Compact Control Panel
In addition to the layout-free control panel two compact control panels are available. These two panels (1 or 2 M/E) offer the same operational features as the large panel in a much smaller, and rack mountable, size. These, 12 crosspoint button, panels are ideal for small production systems or, if combined with the large panel, providing remote M/E operation.

Macro Functionality
To further aide an operator the control panel allows complex key sequences to be stored, subsequently edited and then recalled from any button. Simple (or complex) key sequences can now be programmed to happen upon any button push (for example switching key and background at the same time, automatically flying in a replay on selecting the source button…) the possibilities are only limited by the operators’ creativeness.

Machine Interface
Up to twelve VTR or DDR’s can be controlled by a single control panel. These can be integrated onto a switcher timeline and multiple cue up points can be set.A dedicated VTR control module can also be added to any control desk allowing an operator instant and easy remote control of any connected VTR.

The control panels and switcher processors are connected via two independent ethernet networks. These together with the additional system manager application allow the switcher to expand onto an external LAN. This can be used for remote set-up and monitoring, facility management and import/export to the internal stills store.