Sony MSU-900 Master Setup Unit- USED



The Sony MSU-900 Master Setup Unit is a rack mountable control panel that is used for controlling an entire array of studio and EFP cameras in a multi-cam system. This method gives operators a single area where all parameters can be manipulated at the touch of a button.

Waveform monitoring
6.5″ high quality LCD for quick and easy viewing
Memory Stick slot for storing scene files
Built-in Ethernet port

The MSU-900 Master Setup Unit is designed for remote control of the BVP/HDC-series CCD Color Video Camera via the respective Camera Control Unit (CCU). The unit is connected to the CCU or a Camera Command Network Unit (CNU) which is connected to the CCU by a special cable of up to 200 m (656 feet) in length and controls the camera functions which are used most frequently in basic applications from a distance.

Integral control of the camera system

When the camera network command unit is used, 12 cameras standard or 24 cameras maximum can be controlled from a single MSU-900. Indicators and buttons light or flash to indicate the status of the system operations. Also, guard frames are provided to protect against accidental use of those buttons vital to camera operation. These features ensure easy and error-free use of this unit.

Touch panel for various operations

In addition to the buttons and controls, the MSU-900 has a touch panel which permits various items to be selected and adjusted in menu format.

Controlling the picture and waveform monitors

For picture monitoring and adjustment, this unit controls output signals to the picture monitor and the waveform monitor connected to the CCU.
The signals to be sent to the monitors can be selected on this unit.