Sony LMD-9050 Monitor with AC Power Adapter, 2 in Rackmount- USED


LMD-9050 is a one-piece style monitor for HD/SD multi-format capability. It can be AC, DC, or battery driven so that it can be hand-held, situated on a desk, or mounted in standard racks.

  • Sony LMD-9050
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The LMD-9050 is 8.4 inch LCD monitor aimed at broadcast and professional applications.

Control buttons, input and output, monitor stand are all combined with the LCD panel to achieve an all-in-one design.

With high-grade LCD panel, the LMD-9050 offers a range of interfaces on its rear panel, from analogue composite, analogue component or digital HD-SDI.

LMD-9050 is designed to meet a wide range of picture monitoring demands in professional applications such as broadcast stations, OB vehicles, post-production studios, and digital photo studios.

Superb Picture Reproduction

This LCD monitor provides high-resolution pictures for very demanding broadcast and production applications.

Excellent Brightness and Contrast

The LMD-9050 provides high-brightness and high-contrast images by use of the wide aperture LCD panel. In addition, the use of precisely manufactured RGB colour filters allows this monitor to reproduce colours with stunning depth and saturation –creating highly natural images.

Wide Viewing Angle

The LCD panel has a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees, horizontally and vertically enabling images to be viewed from various positions and angles.

Compact and Energy-Saving Design

Power Consumption is as follows:
– with DC operation : Approx. 24W
– with AC Adaptor operation : Approx. 28W

Parallel Remote Control

The hand-held type monitor can be controlled remotely via their parallel remote connector. There are 27 functions in the remote menu (such as ability to switch input signals), of which seven can be allocated to the connector.

Convenience and Flexibility

Control buttons, input and output, and monitor stand are all combined with the LCD panel to achieve an all-in-one design. Slim, lightweight design of the LCD monitor provides outstanding installation flexibility.