Sony HXC-100 2/3′ HAD-FX SD/HD Production Camera Chain – USED

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The Sony HXC-100 Camera Chain includes :
– Sony HDVF-200
– Sony HDVF-730
– Sony RCP-750
– Sony HXCU-100

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The Sony HXC-100 HD/SD System Camera is equipped with newly developed digital triax technology, which allows systems to be configured with conventional triax.

The HXC-100 camera supports versatile applications for HD with a high-quality SD output. It uses the latest 14-bit A/D conversion circuit as well as the superb 2/3-inch Power HAD™ FX CCDs to bring out high picture quality.

Together with the highly compact 1.5 RU HXCU-100 Camera Control Unit and a remote control panel from Sony, the HXC-100 camera offers a fairly simple system. With a variety of beneficial functions packed into the camera, such as its Focus Assist function, the HXC-100 provides genuine user-friendliness.

The HXC-100 camera utilizes a very high-quality digital triax system that expands its operability in field applications, as well as for studio production.  The HXC-100’s digital triax system can be
integrated into conventional triax-based infrastructures, enabling an easy upgrade from existing systems.

The newly developed digital triax transmission system offers long cable runs of up to 3937 feet
(1200 m)* via ø14.5 mm cable between the camera and the CCU.
* The maximum cable length depends on the camera system configuration, lens type, and the number of cable connections.

The HXC-100 camera provides a wide range of inputs and outputs via the connector panel such
as HD-SDI output, SD-SDI output, VF signal, return signal, and SDI Prompter signal.  What’s more, an intercom channel (ENG/PROD) isalso provided.

The HXC-100 camera offers flexible configuration with the highly compact 1.5 RU-size HXCU-100 Camera Control Unit, creating a standardized 19-inch rack system that is ideal for space-limited production areas.  Combined with the HXCU-100, the HXC-100 can be configured as a simple studio system. Equipped with the latest Sony-developed digital transmission technology, the HXCU-100 can transmit high-resolution pictures between the camera and CCU, regardless of the cable length.  The HXCU-100 features flexible interfaces of selectable inputs/outputs between HD-SDI and SD-SDI.