Sony HDVF-C30W ENG Viewfinder- USED


This Sony ENG VF has been tested and is in excellent working condition! We have a limited supply of ENG Sony VF’s so if you are in need, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our friendly sales staff is more than happy to help find any of your broadcast needs.


This ENG VF is for use with the HDC-1500 and HDW-F900/750P/730S. The high quality 2.7-inch type TFT color LCD panel provides a high resolution of 960 pixels horizontally (equivalent to 540 TV lines) x 540 pixels vertically. Accommodates multiple frame rates. The 2x magnification function simplifies focus operation, especially when prime lenses are used. Gray scale signals can be generated, allowing camera operators to easily adjust exposure to the appropriate level. A detachable eyepiece design allows the user to directly view the LCD. Light weight construction. Very low power consumption.