Sony HDC-P1 HD Multi-Purpose Camera – USED

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Used Sony HDC-P1 Full HD Studio Camera


The Sony HDC-P1 is a highly compact Point-of-View (POV)-style HD multi-purpose camera based on the sophisticated core technologies of high-end companion camera systems with the HDC-2000 Series, and equipped with the latest full-HD three 2/3-inch CCDs.

The HDC-P1 offers shooting flexibility from almost anywhere, and delivers high-quality full-HD pictures as a standalone camera or system camera that integrates seamlessly with the HDC-2000 Series. Precise adjustment of camera parameters can also be achieved with the remote control panel (RCP) and master setup unit (MSU) developed for Sony’s HDC Series system cameras.

The compact and lightweight HDC-P1 is an ideal POV camera for a wide range of uses including
unmanned studio robotics cameras, wireless applications with a steadycam, at stadiums, gymnasiums, and other sporting events, and for stereoscopic 3D shooting applications.

Compact design with high picture quality

Packed in an extremely slim and compact body with an approximate width of just 86 mm (3 1/2 inches) and weighing around 1.7 kg (3 lb 12 oz, excluding a lens), the HDC-P1 is equipped with three superb 2/3-inch progressive CCDs and Sony-developed digital processing LSI to bring out high picture quality.

Dual optical servo filters
Neutral density (ND) and color correction (CC) optical servo filter units are incorporated, which can be remotely controlled (according to lighting condition changes) from the remote control panel (RCP) or master setup unit (MSU).

Enhanced S/N ratio
The latest full-HD three 2/3-inch CCDs improve the signal-to-noise ratio to -58 dB (N/S max. -64 dB)

3D shooting
The HDC-P1 can be used as a robotic camera in a studio automation system or as a compact 3D camera installed in a 3D camera system. The image inverter function enables you to simply invert the top/bottom and left/right of the image.

Versatile camera interfaces
A wide range of inputs and outputs are provided via the connector panel, including two HD/SD-SDI outputs, a return signal output, prompter signal output, and test (VBS analog) signal output, etc. Moreover, there are Ethernet interfaces for remote control, trunk line, and assignable lines on the D-sub 15-pin connector and remote 8-pin connector.