Sony HXC-D70 3 Camera Studio Package- USED



3 Camera Studio Package Includes:

  • 3 Sony HXC-D70 Cameras
  • 3 Sony HXCU-D70 CCU
  • 2 Sony DXF-50WA VF
  • 3 Sony CBK-VF01
  • 3 Fujinon XA16x8A-XB8 HD Lens
  • 3 Sony VCT Tripod Plates

One lens was damaged in shipping, see pics for details. The hood does not attach properly now. This did not impact the lens’ functionality.


Ideal for small studio, event & corporate and education

The HXC-D70H is a high-performance yet affordable HD camera that inherits field-proven operability from the highly regarded DXC-D Series of system cameras.The camera is equipped with the latest digital HD multi-core technology that integrates perfectly with the HXCU-D70 HD multicore camera control unit (CCU). Furthermore, the existing CCU-D50 CCU can also be used with the HXC-D70H for migration from SD to HD live production. The HXC-D70H features three 2/3-inch Exmor CMOS sensors to produce excellent HD pictures.
The HXC-D70H produces a variety of selectable progressive and interlace HD signal formats, including 1080/50i and 720/50P.
The HXC-D70H produces superb Standard Definition picture quality with its wide-band down-converter.
The system camera is full of creative image control functions such as MultiMatrix, Skin Tone Detail, Low Key Saturation, KneeSaturation, and Auto Lens Aberration Compensation(ALAC).
The HXC-D70H requires one Sony standard multicore cable connection to operate with the HXCU-D70 or CCU-D50 CCU. Working with the HXCU-D70 HD multicore CCU, full camera control is possible through a user-friendly operational panel designed specifically to work with the HXC-D70H camera.