Sony HDC-D70 3 Camera Studio Package- USED


3 Camera Studio Package Includes:

  • 3 Sony HXC-D70 Cameras
  • 3 Sony HXCU-D70 CCU
  • 2 Sony DXF-50WA VF
  • 3 Sony CBK-VF01
  • 3 Fujinon XA16x8A-XB8 HD Lens
  • 3 10 Meter Cables
  • 2 Sony 5 Meter cables
  • 3 Sony VCT Tripod Plates
  • 3 Sony RMB-170 RCP with Cables


Ideal for small studio, event & corporate and education

The HXC-D70H is a high-performance yet affordable HD camera that inherits field-proven operability from the highly regarded DXC-D Series of system cameras.The camera is equipped with the latest digital HD multi-core technology that integrates perfectly with the HXCU-D70 HD multicore camera control unit (CCU). Furthermore, the existing CCU-D50 CCU can also be used with the HXC-D70H for migration from SD to HD live production. The HXC-D70H features three 2/3-inch Exmor CMOS sensors to produce excellent HD pictures.
The HXC-D70H produces a variety of selectable progressive and interlace HD signal formats, including 1080/50i and 720/50P.
The HXC-D70H produces superb Standard Definition picture quality with its wide-band down-converter.
The system camera is full of creative image control functions such as MultiMatrix, Skin Tone Detail, Low Key Saturation, KneeSaturation, and Auto Lens Aberration Compensation(ALAC).
The HXC-D70H requires one Sony standard multicore cable connection to operate with the HXCU-D70 or CCU-D50 CCU. Working with the HXCU-D70 HD multicore CCU, full camera control is possible through a user-friendly operational panel designed specifically to work with the HXC-D70H camera.