3 Sony HDC-950 Camera Chains- USED


3 Available at $21,000- that’s a $3,000 discount!!

The Camera Chains each Include:

  • Sony HDC-950 Camera
  • Sony HDCU-900 CCU
  • Sony RCP-741
  • Sony HDVF-20A



Sony HDC-950 Camera Chain USED

The HDC-950 is capable of capturing 1080 24/25/30 frame progressive or 50/60 interlace images. The HDC-950 employs a 2.2 million “square” pixel CCD imager, 12-bit AD and a two million gate VLSI . 720P captures requires the additional HDCU-904 line converter board that resides in the HDCU-900 Camera control unit. The HDC-950 requires either the HDVF-20A 2″ viewfinder or the HDVF-C730W 6″ LCD viewfinder. The HDC-900/910/950/930 Camera and HDCU900/950 CCUs system is fully compatible with existing Sony command network systems and provides the same high level of creative control of camera functions.

Sony HDC-950 Features

  • HDC-950’s full companion studio/OB camera capable of both high-end HDVS and SDTV operations
  • Incorporates three 2/3-inch type 16:9 IT CCD imagers each with 2,200,000 pixels that conform to 1920(H) x 1080(V) CIF (Common Image Format)
  • Can be switched to originate the CIF format at 50i and 60i interlaced field rates
  • Standard definition also available: 480/60i and 480/30P in widescreen or 4:3 mode, or 576/50i and 576/25P in 4:3 mode
  • Full digital processing with12-bit A/D converter and Advanced Digital Signal Processor (ADSP) for excellent picture quality
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio of 54dB
  • Wide dynamic range of 600 %
  • High sensitivity of F10 at 2000 lx
  • High horizontal resolution of 1000 TV lines
  • Automatic set-up
  • Five position ND filter and CC filter
  • Electronic shutter function
  • Clear Scan and Extended Clear Scan (in interlaced modes only)
  • Three-channel Skin Tone Detail Correction
  • Variable linear matrix
  • Memory Stick function to store and recall personal camera setup parameters and VF settings
  • Fully compatible with Sony’s New Generation Camera Control Units Optical fiber transmission system enables high quality video transfer at a long distance
  • Advanced filing system with MSU-700A/750
  • Viewfinder lock system
  • VF menu display
  • Various display functions on viewfinder such as box cursor, center marker and safety zone
  • Rotary type optical fiber connector
  • Both HD lens and NTSC lens can be used

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