Sony HDC-900 5 Camera Studio Package


5 Complete systems include:

  • Sony HDC-900
  • Sony HDVF-700A
  • Sony HDCU-900
  • Sony RCP-750 with Cable


Optional 20x and 55x SD box lenses, tripods, and pedestals available to complete the package.

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The HDC-900/950 family has been designed to deliver a variety of choices of HDTV and SDTV to meet multiple global digital origination formats.
There are several important design criteria required in a new HD camera to ensure that it not only provides the features required for these new services, but also has compatibility with existing broadcast environments:
– True multi-standard operation, from 1080/24P to analog composite
– Similar in operation to current color video cameras
– Easy to integrate into conventional systems
– As cost-effective in daily use as current equipment
These design requirements are completely met in HDC-900 and HDC-950 cameras:
– Operational controls and connectors are located in similar positions to those on current Sony HDC and BVP Series cameras, so operators accustomed to these models immediately find the HDC-900/950 familiar and easy to use
– Existing Sony MSUs, CNUs and RCPs can be used with the HDC-900/950. Current menu control systems and auto setup functions are also compatible