Sony HDC-1400 Portable HD Studio Fiber Camera Chain – USED

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Sony HDC-1400 Portable HD Studio Fiber Camera Chain


– Sony HDC-1400
– Sony HDCU-1500 : HD camera control unit
– HDVF-950W
– RCP-750 : Remote control panel

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The Sony HDC1400R is a 2/3-type high-definition portable video camera equipped with CCD for 2,200,000 pixels. It incorporates the latest pickup elements and digital signal processing
LSI to yield higher picture quality and higher stability in image creation while maintaining conventional popular functions and operability.


High picture quality and high performance

  • The new 2/3-type Progressive IT CCD for 2,200,000 pixels conforms to driving formats up to 1080/59.94P, achieving high sensitivity and low smear. In addition, the 14-bit A/D
    converter and a unique signal-processing LSI provide picture quality of optimal grade.

Newly designed integrated unit with low center of gravity

  • A stylish appearance with low-slung design has been adopted. When used in combination with the HDLA1500- series Large Lens Adaptor, it permits the viewfinder to be mounted at a low position, making the viewfinder position closer to the optical axis of the lens.

Optimized handle shape and VF slide mechanism for stable shooting

  • A new handle design has been adopted. A slight protrusion of the upper front part of the handle enables stable holding of the camera while you are shooting, by holding the front
    part of the handle. Furthermore, the movable range of a front-rear slide mechanism for the viewfinder attachment has been widened. Any difference in weight balance caused by
    having a different lens attached can be counteracted by adjusting the viewfinder attachment position, in combination with the movable shoulder pad position. This provides the best balance for shooting with the camera on your shoulder.


Auto Lens Aberration Compensation function

  • The Auto Lens Aberration Compensation function (ALAC) is provided with this camera. This automatically reduces chromatic aberration of magnification when a lens that supports auto aberration compensation is attached. For details on lenses supporting auto aberration compensation, contact a Sony sales representative or Sony service  representative.

Focus assist functions

  • The VF detail function and focus assist indicator function facilitate focusing.

VF detail

  • Various functions are provided for the VF detail signal, which can be added only on images on the viewfinder screen in order to facilitate focusing in various situations:
    Functions for coloring the VF detail signal, flickering the VF detail signal by adding modulation, thickening the VF detail signal, and automatically compensating the VF
    detail level according to the zoom position.

Focus assist indicator

  • The focusing level indicator on the viewfinder screen provides a guide for focusing. The best focus setting can be easily determined by observing fluctuation of the level
    indicator as a guide.