SimplyLive ViBox 8 CH Replay Systems- USED


We have two SimplyLive ViBox Replay systems available. These units have minimal signs of wear and tear and it was pulled from a working environment. Contact us today for more details on the SimplyLive replay system!

Replay System Includes:

  • VB-8SLOVB ViBox 8 SloMo Varsity Bundle
  • RCU Remote Control Unit for VB-8SLOVB

Software that is included with system:

  • VI-SLO Control software for Vibox SloMo
  • SSM-VB SuperSlo software (enables SuperSloMo capability)
  • Xport 5x inc Xport Software for ViBox (enables video and audio file exporting)

ViBox 8 SloMo Varsity Bundle:

  • VI-mini8, 3RU Vibox Mini-Processing Unit
  • 1×2 TB SSD 16core AMD CPU
  • 2080 GPU
  • 32GB RAM
  • 2 USB ports
  • 8 SDI 3G I/O


The ViBox All-In-One application layer is the world’s most flexible total production tool for multi-camera programs of all sizes.  What do we mean by flexible? On Friday, you can produce a game with just one user running all the main requirements of live production – live switching, graphics, slow motion replays, highlights and audio mixing – with the incredibly intuitive A-I-O interface.

On Sunday, you can use the same ViBox All-In-One to produce larger games that need a multi-user workflow. The first operator can be switching the show on one touch-screen, another operator is running a ViBox SloMo application, and a 3rd UI also has SloMo running for a 2nd replay operator. No other single system provides you with that much flexibility.

​In developing the All-In One user interface, we studied 100s of live production workflows and run-downs to design a system that anyone can use. We made sure that all the tools you need to tell a great story are right where you need them to be.

​Flexible. Intuitive. All-In-One.