Sachtler Video 18 SB Speed Balance Tripod Head with Carbon Fiber 2-Stage Legs


Sachtler Video 18 SB Speed Balance Tripod Head with Carbon Fiber 2-Stage Legs – USED

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The Sachtler System 18/1863 includes a Video 18 SB fluid head with Speed Balance, an ENG 2 CF tripod with rubber feet, and a padded transport bag. The Video 18 fluid head has five levels of drag, and the ENG 2CF two-stage tripod features a 10mm bowl and a mid-level spreader. A 10-step dynamic counterbalancing system uses torsion springs to compensate for torque to prevent tipping as the camera tilts. The springs can be adjusted individually, independent of the damping system. A 120mm sliding balance plate can compensate for a variety of configuration weights.

The time you take to optimally balance your camera on the tripod depends on the counterbalance.  At Sachtler, the secret of success is called step switching. It allows camera operators to optimally align the fluid head in no time at all. While continuously adjustable systems often require time wasting trial-and-error adjustment, with step switching the counterbalance is perfectly aligned – first go! And the best news: Sachtler now offers seven fluid heads with SpeedBalance.

All of the SB fluid heads from Sachtler feature either ten or twelve step counterbalance. This much finer graduation results in an increased payload range, thus reducing minimum payload. This greatly benefits lightweight camcorders such as those from the DVCAM, HDV and DV classes. Fluid heads DV 6 SB and DV 8 SB feature 75 mm tripod connections and are ideal for news gathering. Three heads – the DV 8/100 SB, DV 12 SB and Video 15 SB – have 100 mm connections and are perfect for broadcast camcorders such as those from the DVCPRO, DigiBeta and Editcam classes. New members of the SpeedBalance family include the Video 18 SB and Video 20 SB. These heads make it significantly easier to adjust heavier camcorders.  The Video 18 SB is based on the Video 18, the ENG head that has sold over 50,000 units worldwide.

In addition to finer counterbalance, all fluid heads are fitted with self-illuminated Touch Bubbles that make balancing in poor light conditions even easier. Fluid heads DV 12 SB and Video 15 SB also feature tap holes that let you mount an optional viewfinder
extension adapter. The heads thus do justice to the increasingly popular “small” HD camcorders, which achieve film-like quality when fit out with the right cine accessories. In addition, the Video 15 SB is also equipped with exchangeable pan arm rosettes.

Sachtler’s fluid heads offer 100 percent reliability. The patented damping system excels even when you and your equipment are challenged by the most adverse shooting conditions imaginable. Extreme temperatures have absolutely no effect on our fluid heads. They provide frictionless operation, are free of hydraulic oil, and are completely enclosed in their own capsule against any external influence. A special feature of the heads is their ease of operation. Instead of time-consuming adjustment
and re-adjustment in search of the perfect balance, our fluid heads offer finely-tuned counterbalance for optimized settings.

A key reason why Sachtler fluid heads function so reliably is their stability. All components cooperate in a friction-free environment, a key consideration for users who want equipment that functions tirelessly for years to come. In addition, the modern, lightweight materials we use help you limit the stress that unnecessary weight can have on your equipment, especially during long shoots.

The center of gravity height (C.O.G.) of the camera mounted on a fluid head is decisive in determining the head’s payload. The C.O.G. describes the distance between the camera or camcorder’s center of gravity and the top edge of the fluid head being used. The shorter the distance, the greater the maximum camera weight. The C.O.G. tables on the following product pages show how the payload of a head changes according to the camera’s center of gravity height.

The meticulous quality that is a feature of our products is due in part to our close working relationship with film and television professionals. The regular feedback sent in from the field provides our engineers with the constant incentive to redesign
even our most proven products. The result is solid, innovative and extremely reliable products with a longer than usual life span.

Sachtler offers the ideal tripod for every camera and camcorder. Whether your equipment weighs just a few hundred grams, like the digital (Mini) DV camcorder commonly used in day-to-day news gathering, or over 50 kg / 110 lb, like many film and
studio cameras loaded with multiple accessories and high-performance optical systems, Sachtler have the right tripod for you.

A fluid head can only be fully effective with the right pedestal or tripod (see pages 38 to 57). Sachtler offers a wide range of camera support system packages (see pages 70 to 73) that are designed to meet your demands. The systems let operators
choose between differently configured tripods with e.g. spreaders or mid-level spreaders (see pages 4 to 5). In most cases, a padded bag or cover is included in the package. Users can also customise and extend their own systems with optional
accessories, such as additional pan bars or adapters.

Sachtler is a sustaining member of many different organizations and institutions that represent and unite camera operators, film
makers and manufacturers of film and broadcast technology. Membership in the German Society of Cinematographers (bvk), has put us into direct contact with all well-known camera operators in the German speaking world. And our international service and dealer network puts us into direct contact with camera operators worldwide. We also exchange experience with many of the other manufacturers of broadcast equipment in the International Association of Broadcast Manufacturers (IABM),
where questions concerning standardization, current technical trends and developments are discussed.

All Sachtler fluid heads are ideal for use with HD cameras. Some heads, such as the Cine 75 HD or Cine 30 HD, are particularly user friendly for classical film camera operators, who find all the operating controls in their usual place. Of course, those who shoot with cinematography camcorders (e.g. Varicam) also want to take advantage of features such as a viewfinder extension or front box.  Excellent solutions for users of small and lightweight HDV camcorders, such as the new SpeedBalance head DV 6 SB are also available.