Sachtler Studio 65 Production Package – USED


This comprehensive fluid head kit is ideal for professional videographers, filmmakers, and broadcasters working with heavy camera setups like cinema cameras, ENG cameras, and DSLRs with large telephoto lenses.

  • Sachtler Studio 65 Fluid Head
  • Two Handles
  • Eyepiece Leveler
  • Mitchell Adapter
  • Case for Fluid Head
  • O’connor Heavy Duty Carbon Fiber 2-stage Tripod with Spreader
  • Tripod tube
  • 150mm High Hat
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Everything You Need for Production Excellence

Master your productions with this comprehensive fluid head kit, featuring the rock-solid Sachtler Studio 65 and a set of high-performance O’Connor carbon fiber tripod legs.

The Studio 65 offers an exceptional level of control with its effortless pan and tilt functionality. Featuring seven levels of drag adjustment on both pan and tilt axes, this system allows you to fine-tune the resistance to your exact preferences. This granular control ensures you can achieve perfect, smooth camera movements for every shot, whether you need fluid motion or precise, controlled pans and tilts.

When it comes to stability, the Studio 65 stands out with its heavy-duty construction. This robust build quality ensures that your camera remains perfectly secure and free from wobbles, even when working with the most demanding setups. The head can confidently support loads up to an impressive 110 pounds, providing the reliability you need for professional-grade equipment.

The Studio 65’s built-in counterbalance system is a testament to its versatility and ease of use. This feature effortlessly supports a wide range of camera weights, accommodating setups from 22 to 106 pounds. This extensive weight range ensures that you can achieve seamless tilting motions with virtually any camera configuration, from lighter DSLR setups to hefty cinema rigs.

Lastly, the Studio 65 provides exceptional flexibility in shot composition with its wide tilt range. The ±60° tilt capability allows you to capture a diverse array of angles with ease. Whether you’re shooting low-angle upward shots or high-angle downward perspectives, this generous tilt range gives you the freedom to explore creative framing options without limitations.

The Studio 65 is a workhorse fluid head, crafted with durable materials to withstand the rigors of professional use. Its solid weight of 21 pounds contributes to its exceptional stability.

This comprehensive kit includes several key components to ensure you have a complete and versatile camera support system. At its core is the Sachtler Studio 65 Fluid Head, which comes equipped with two handles for comfortable and precise operation. The head also features an eyepiece leveler, allowing for quick and accurate camera alignment. To enhance compatibility with a wide range of tripods, a Mitchell adapter is included. For protection during transport and storage, the fluid head comes with a dedicated carrying case.

Complementing the fluid head are the O’Connor Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs. These legs offer an ideal balance of lightweight construction and robust stability, providing a reliable foundation for your camera setup. The tripod legs come with their own tuffpack case, ensuring safe transportation to and from shooting locations. Additionally, a spreader is included, which proves invaluable when working on uneven terrain, offering extra stability and security for your setup.

Rounding out the kit is a 150mm Hi-Hat. This versatile accessory expands your creative possibilities by allowing you to position your camera at various heights. Whether you need a low-angle shot or just a slight elevation, the hi-hat provides the flexibility to achieve the perfect camera placement for your vision.