Sachtler OB 2000 Tripod with Sachtler 9+9 Fluid Head- USED

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Tripod includes mid-level spreader & feet

Recently refurbished Sachtler 9+9 head with case for tripod & head and two pan handles


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If you are using heavy cameras, you are going to need equipment that makes the job easier rather than harder. The Sachtler OB 2000 Heavy-Duty aluminium Tripod is designed to help you get the best results for field production and outside broadcasting. The heavy duty tripod supports up to 140 kg with maximum stability, while the built in bubble and leg scaling give you pinpoint and fast leveling. A built in stabilizer and rotatable rubber feet give you a solid foundation to work on.

The fitting supports all common flat base heads, so you are not restrained in how you work. Once you are up and running, the OB 2000 gives you a maximum height of 124 cm, while the rotary clamping system makes it quick and simple to adjust. The aluminum construction means that this tripod will be able to stand up to the most demanding projects.

When you need super smooth movement, even in the toughest of conditions, Sachtler’s Studio 9+9 Fluid Head adds two drag levels to Sachtler’s frictionless damping system. Its 18-step counterbalance system means you never have to worry about losing your balance during any kind of movement. The sliding plate with an integrated spindle drive makes centering the camera weight simple and fast – the plate settings can be locked into place once you are happy.

The Studio 9+9 supports up to 55 kg and also boasts many well-known Sachtler features. The Touch & Go quick release and automatic locking make mounting and removal a matter of seconds. The durability of the design means that pressure of temperature will never affect its performance, making it suitable for almost any kind of project.