Sachtler HotPod Tripod Legs- USED


Sachtler HotPod Tripod Legs

  • Dual Stage
  • Carbon Fiber Legs
  • 150mm bowl
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Sometimes perspective is the most important part of a shot, helping to better convey the underlying story. The Sachtler 14 Carbon Fibre Hot Pod Tripod with Pneumatic Column gives you a lot of height fast.

At the touch of a button, its ingenious central locking system allows all three tripod legs to be clamped or released at the same time. The pneumatic central column lifts camera bodies of up to 25 kg to a lens height of over 2 m, ensuring you get the best view in the house. Packing up and changing position is made simple with the strategically positioned handle that makes carrying the Hot-Pod as easy as a rucksack.

Hot Pod

0 to 25 kg

Bowl size
100 mm

5.80 kg

Spreader type
Mid-level spreader

Carbon Fibre

Transport length
850 mm

Tripod stages

Height With Mid Spreader
0.79 to 1.74 m