Sachtler Aluminum Tripod Legs- USED


Sachtler Aluminum Tripod Legs

  • 100mm bowl
  • Mid-level Spreader
  • Dual Stage
  • Aluminum Legs
  • No case
  • No head
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You should never feel like your gear is limiting your potential or slowing you down. The easily extractable CF 100 one-stage tripod ensures optimal stability and carrying capacity. Lightweight and twist-resistant, it is built from one-piece carbon fiber and features a 100 mm bowl with tube diameter of 16 mm. The Sachtler rotary clamping system gives you versatility and agility so that you never have to waste time fiddling with your equipment instead of working.

The height range for the version with the mid-level spreader is 70-142 cm and with the ground level spreader is 65-142 cm. Weighing in at just 2.4 kg with a maximum load of 45 kg makes this lightweight and robust tripod the perfect choice for photographers where mobility and speed are of the essence.