RTS TIF-2000A Single-line Digital Telephone Interface- USED


We currently have 6 of these units available, all of which are in excellent condition. Contact us today for more information about these RTS TIF-2000 units.


We always have some RTS products in stock including the TIF-2000A digital interface. These units are at a great price and in excellent condition. If you need any additional information on this product, or any of our other RTS units, don’t hesitate to reach out to a sales rep today!

The TIF-2000A is a single-line digital hybrid telephone line interface designed to be compatible with ADAM, ADAM-CS, Cronus, and Zeus series intercom systems. It provides bidirectional communication between the intercom matrix and a standard DTMF capable telephone line. It allows the phone to access all cross points of the matrix, as well as dynamic party lines,, IFB circuits, and other forms of communications. The TIF-2000A supports worldwide telephone standards. The 1RU high by ½ wide rackmountable (via an optional MCP-1 or MCP-2 kit). TIF-2000A provides a transparent link to the telephone system enabling full dial-out capability from any designated keypanel with keypad. The TIF-2000A has full dial-in capability giving the caller a keypanel on the system via commands from the DTMF pad on their telephone.

  • Auto or Manual Answer
  • Auto-Disconnect
  • Call in Directly to Party Line or IFB
  • Caller can be Locked to One Matrix Point
  • Caller may Change Presets
  • Caller may Select up to Seven T/L Assignments
  • Direct Audio Input Mixes with Matrix Audio
  • Downloadable Telephone System Configuration
  • Level Adjustments
  • Select Number of Rings Before Answer
  • Select Security Code or None
  • Up to 16 Panels May be Selected to Ring