RTS Telex MCP6 Panel Mount Microphone – USED


In video production, miscommunication can cost you the perfect take. The RTS Telex MCP6 Panel Mount Microphone ensures your team’s vision is heard clearly, every time. Seamlessly integrate this professional-grade mic into your RTS or Audiocom intercom system, and let our expertise in audio clarity fuel your visual storytelling.

  • RTS Telex MCP6


Elevate your video production communication with the RTS Telex MCP6 Panel Mount Microphone. Designed specifically for video production professionals who demand clear, instant communication, the MCP6 seamlessly integrates with RTS keypanels and select Audiocom intercom systems. This essential tool ensures that your team stays connected and coordinated during high-pressure shoots, live events, or in the control room.

The MCP6’s panel-mount design epitomizes our commitment to providing user-friendly solutions. It installs directly onto your RTS keypanel or Audiocom intercom, resulting in a clean, professional setup that minimizes clutter and maximizes accessibility. In the fast-paced world of video production, every second counts – the MCP6 keeps your focus on creating, not troubleshooting.

As part of the renowned RTS (Telex) family, the MCP6 carries our legacy of delivering reliable, industry-standard audio equipment. We understand that your reputation rides on flawless communication. The MCP6 meets the rigorous demands of professional video production, offering you peace of mind and the freedom to concentrate on what you do best: capturing perfect shots and telling compelling stories.