RTS DKP-8 Desktop Keypanel- USED



The DKP-8 has eight (8) programmable talk/listen intercom keys with 4-character alphanumeric displays. The RTS Model DKP-8 and DKP-12 keypanels are similar to the Model KP-12 keypanel, but are designed for desktop applications not requiring any optional external connections, such as external program source, external headset, mic output, or external control input/output. In addition, they are not intended for use with expansion panels.

  • Compatible with all RTS Digital Matrix intercom systems, including CS-9000 series, ADAM-M, ADAM, ADAM-CS, Cronus, and Zeus.
  • Suitable for broadcast use, and other commercial and fixed-install applications such as paging, etc.
  • All types of key assignments may be programed using a menu-driven list. Eliminates complicated programming keystroke sequences.
  • Independent volume adjustment for each channel (ADAM-M, ADAM, ADAM-CS, and Zeus only). Eliminates annoying variations in channel listen levels.
  • Dual-action key operation with latch defeat: a single tap turns a key on or off for latched hands-free communication. Or, a key may be pressed and held for momentary-only operation. Latching may be disabled for selected keys to eliminate open-mic or open-transmit problems.
  • Button lock: Talk and listen may be independently locked on or off for any key. Protects against accidental deactivation of important monitored channels.
  • Local Groups: Selected keys can be assigned to groups for 1-key activation to create custom conference channels.
  • Solo: Any key may be programmed to temporarily turn off all other keys when activated to create a local “ISO”.
  • Chime tones: One (1) of three (3) distinctive tones may be assigned to any key for incoming call/message announce. Adds caller ID when the user is away from the KP-12.
  • Enhanced telephone support: Dialing is as easy as using a regular telephone. Three (3) types of telephone keys are possible: manual-dial, redial, or auto-dial.
  • Available in push button or lever key versions.
  • Ready for worldwide use: The DKP-8/DKP-12 is a “world product” capable of operating from 90–264 VAC, 50/60 Hz.