RTS Adam with Cards and Power Supply – USED


The RTS ADAM 90007500-004 provides the robust connectivity, pristine audio clarity, and proven reliability needed to enable seamless communication for even the most demanding multi-site production.

  • Telex RTS ADAM 90007500-004
  • High Current Power Supply x2
  • Installed Cards:
    • MCII-e x1
    • RVON-16 x1
    • AIO-16 x1
    • AIO-16A x1
    • OMI FC x13


IMPORTANT NOTE: The rack ears on the top of the unit are slightly bent. Two cards inside have a tab loose. All damage is visible in photos.


Clear Communication is the Key to a Smooth Production

When you’re managing a complex video production, seamless communication between your team members is essential. Missed cues, garbled instructions, and delayed reactions can ruin an otherwise perfectly planned shoot. That’s why smart production companies worldwide turn to the RTS ADAM intercom matrix system (90007500-004) to keep their crews connected.

The Power to Connect Your Entire Crew

Built to handle even the largest and most intricate productions, the ADAM 90007500-004 supports up to 384 ports in just 6RU of rack space. That’s enough capacity to connect multiple production trucks, cameras, audio stations, and wireless beltpacks across an entire remote production facility. ADAM’s decentralized architecture and fiber optic ports allow you to place intercom panels right where they are needed without running excessive amounts of cable.

Intuitive Controls Keep You in Command

ADAM’s interface is designed to be flexible yet familiar. Programmable buttons, rotary encoders, and weighted faders provide quick access to the intercom resources you need. Bright OLED displays clearly label channels, crosspoints, and assignments. You’ll spend less time hunting for the right settings and more time focused on creative direction. ADAM also integrates seamlessly with RTS Zeus LE control panels to enable comprehensive monitoring and point-and-select communication with any device on the matrix.

Hear and Be Heard with Pristine Audio Quality

Communication is only effective if you can hear and be heard clearly. That’s why ADAM utilizes high-headroom Eclipse matrices to deliver best-in-class audio performance. Advanced embedded audio processing ensures your intercom audio remains clean and intelligible, even over long distance fiber runs. 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion maintains superb dynamic range and frequency response. You can be confident that with ADAM your directions will always come through loud and clear.

Diverse Connection Options for Every Application

For maximum versatility, ADAM supports 2-wire, 4-wire, and digital AES67 intercom connections over fiber or CAT5e/6. Interface panels are available in multiple configurations, including varieties optimized for camera chains, partyline circuits, I/O with GPIO, stage announce, and more. DWDI two-wire to four-wire converter modules allow you to integrate legacy partyline systems. Compatibility with RTS RVON VoIP and IP-based wireless intercoms let you extend communication to offsite contributors. ADAM has the right interfaces to connect your people, no matter how unique your production demands.

Continuous Reliability You Can Count On

You have enough to worry about during a complex video shoot without having to wonder if your intercom will work properly. ADAM delivers the rock-solid reliability RTS is revered for so you can rest assured that as long as you have power, your crew will stay connected. Redundant power supplies and CPU processors ensure continuous operation. Modular interface cards and field-replaceable ports make servicing quick and painless. Rugged construction withstands the rigors of frequent truck packs and demanding remote conditions. ADAM’s reliability means one less thing for you to stress over during already high-pressure productions.

Invest Wisely in the Intercom Your Productions Demand

For professional video crews who refuse to compromise on communication clarity and reliability, the ADAM 90007500-004 intercom matrix is the clear choice. Its extensive capacity, intuitive operation, stellar audio, versatile connectivity, and industry-leading durability add up to an intercom that’s ready to handle your largest shows. Contact our sales department today to discuss how ADAM can empower seamless team coordination for your next live broadcast, AV installation, or streaming production. Superior communication starts with ADAM.