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Includes 8 x AIO-8 for 64 ports

8 x Direct AIO-8 RJ-12 – back cards

2 x Controller Cards




The high-end ADAM Matrix supports 8 to 1000+ users per system; 272 ports possible in just a 7 RU frame.

Utilizing a patented Time Division Multiplex (TDM) technique, the ADAM grows linearly as users are added, the system comes standard with redundant power supplies, and redundant controllers, allowing for automatic change-over in the event of failure.

ADAM is available with a wide variety of Interface cards in the industry, which includes the AIO-8, AIO-16, AES-3, and RVON VoIP interfaces. It also has the wide variety of cabling options, including RJ-11, DB-9, jack fields, and many others.