Ross Video Vision 3 M/E Switcher – USED


Control Panel M/N: V3P-001

Touchscreen Display M/N: V-100

Vision Frame M/N: MD-X Frame

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Multi-Definition — Future-proof right out of the box, Vision Octane allows you to work in either SD or HD. Vision Octane supports 480i (SD 525), 576i (SD 625), 720p, 1080i, 1080pSF 24, 1080pSF 23.98, and 1080p 24.

Incredibly Powerful Vision Octane — The Octane Live Production Engine is, by far, the most powerful switcher in the world. It has support for up to 8 MLEs, 96 multi-definition inputs, 48 multi-definition configurable outputs, 24 DVE channels, 56 internal keyers, 6 WARP generators, 35 internal Ethernet-connected media stores, and 18 classes of external interfaces. Add Proc Amps, RGB Color Correctors, Utility Buses, FlexiClean™, Preview Overlay, Linux OS, and a whole lot more, and the result is nothing short of revolutionary. Amazingly, it fits into a rack-saving 8 RU.

OverDrive® Compatible — Ross Video switchers have evolved to control every single piece of equipment in the control room. The next step in this evolution is the revolutionary OverDrive Production Control System. With dual touch screens, the Technical Director can now automate a production when required. Thumbnail based, the TD can step
through the show’s run-down or instantly break away to unscripted events. When connected to a newsroom automation system, a live MOS-based link keeps the two systems in constant and instant synch, providing clear communication between the producer and the TD. OverDrive requires at least 2 MLEs to operate.

Flexible Control Panel Layout — The Vision control panel allows unprecedented flexibility in the placement of MLE crosspoints, and the number of dedicated sources you can access for each MLE. Each MLE on the switcher can be assigned to a different crosspoint group, or row, on the Vision control panel. Place MLE 1 on the bottom crosspoint row and MLE 4 on the top, or assign two crosspoint groups to the same MLE. Along with MLE assignment, you can also adjust the size of the crosspoint groups that the MLEs are assigned to. Want one crosspoint group with 64 source buttons? You can assign crosspoint modules to crosspoint groups across different rows allowing for an MLE with source buttons that span multiple rows on the control panel.

MultiPanel — Connect multiple Vision control panels to a single Octane Live Production Engine. Have each Vision panel control some, or all, of the MLEs from the frame seamlessly. Perfect for multiple-production environments where space and ease of maintenance are key! Each MultiPanel system consists of a Master Panel, and up to eight (8) Satellite Panels.

Mnemonics — Mnemonics are perfect for mobiles and other applications that require different source names from one production to another. Mnemonics are available for every MLE, as well as the Custom Control button row. Every display can have individual settings for color, text size, and backlighting to provide clear naming and source group separation. Preview Overlay — This unique option allows the Technical Director to keep his/her eyes on the action by presenting key information overlaying the preview monitor output. Included are a VTR and video server time code display, a count up/down timer, source ID, safe title, and more – each element individually selectable via handy control panel buttons.

Squeeze & Tease® MD — Squeeze & Tease MD is a high quality, powerful multi-definition 3D DVE option. Great for sophisticated looking boxes, it allows every type of key to be squeezed or zoomed, cropped, repositioned, and rotated in 3D space. It can also perform 3D key or background transitions, or build sequences with complex timelines, keyframe editing, and quick “shot box” sequence recall. Squeeze & Tease MD comes equipped with a positionable light source, preprocessor effects such as defocus, mosaic, posterization, colorization, strobe, picture frame borders, timeline sequences with holds, and a lot more.

UltraChrome™ Advanced Chroma Keying — Our new UltraChrome chroma keyer uses new Ross technology to perform detailed keying in the most demanding applications. Each full MLE includes two UltraChrome chroma keyers as a standard feature.