Ross Video Ultrix ULTRIX-FR1- USED


  • SFP-MADI-850MM
  • 2 Power Supplies



Can be expanded to 32×32 with additional 2 AUX I/O ports. Supports most common SMPTE 259M, 292M, 344M, and 424M (support for most common SMPTE 2082 signals is included with optional 12G Ultrispeed license). Includes Ultrimix and Ultriclean licenses. Ultrimix allows for routing, mixing, and processing of all embedded audio inputs, as well as the ability to support up to 256×256 discrete mono audio inputs through the use of the AUX I/O ports. Comes with single power supply.

All Ultrix products come with a 1 year comprehensive warranty.

The award winning Ultrix 12G Router is the ultimate routing, multiviewer, and signal processing platform for Studios, OB Vans, and Flypacks. As the only software defined platform, customers realize significant cost, space, and power efficiencies with unparalleled flexibility and agility, especially relative to competitive hybrid routers.



Easily add new features through additional software licenses. No additional hardware required.


Ultrix natively supports 12G throughout the entire chassis. This means it’s ready for UHD production when you are, without replacing any hardware or losing capacity.


New version of the latest Ultrix-FR5 routing/AV processing platform that adds IP I/O to the already impressive feature set of this disruptive, ‘Swiss Army knife’ infrastructure solution.


The Ultrix 12G Router is infrastructure in a box. Video/audio routing, multiviewers, audio processing, frame synchronizers, clean/quiet switching, UHD gearboxing and more all unified in one single chassis.


Because of its size, base feature set, and software capabilities, owners save significant money on upfront capital costs. Additionally, the advanced architecture provides significant ROI in terms of power, cooling, shipping, and space costs.

Ultrix I/O Cards

Ultrix platforms are built with a modular input and output matrix, to easily swap in unique I/O cards that build upon the Ultrix feature set. All these cards are compatible with each other on a single chassis and allow you to customize your Ultrix Connectivity Platform to serve as a hybrid-IP switcher, a signal-processing hub, or a 12G-capable Router, Multiviewer, and Signal Processing Platform.