Ross Video OG3-FR Open Gear Frame- USED

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We have five of these Ross Video Open Gear Frames available and all of them have the same cards inside. Our frames are all in working condition with minimal wear and tear. Reach out to us today for more details on our Ross Open Gear frames!


Cards Included:

  • 10 DRA-8604


Your OG3-FR series frame is a 2RU modular frame, designed to accommodate openGear cards. The OG3-FR series frame supports module-dependent rear modules. Rear modules can be ordered with cards, and are easy and quick to install. The OG3-FR series frame offers the flexibility of independent rear modules for connectivity to a wide array of interfaces such as BNC, twisted-pair audio, and fiber. Each frame offers a full rear module that accommodates one card each, or a high density split rear module that accommodates two cards each. Using the split rear module allows for up to 20 independent openGear solutions to be installed.

Note that cards and rear modules designed for the DFR-8321 series frames are also supported by the OG3-FR series frames. However, some cards and rear modules may be designed specifically for the OG3-FR series frames only. Refer to the documentation for your openGear card for details on the frames you can use.

The OG3-FR series frame can accommodate two front-loaded power supplies. However, each frame comes standard with one power supply. Although a single power supply can fully power a loaded frame, the addition of a second (optional) power supply gives the frame full power redundancy. Each power supply is fed by a separate power cord, which is held in position to guard against accidental power loss.

The OG3-FR series frame has been designed with an advanced cooling architecture to increase ventilation. An intelligent fan controller adjusts fan speed with changes in frame power loading. Particular attention has been paid to frame acoustics in order to keep fan noise to a minimum. The OG3-FR series frames were designed with front-door mounted fans to provide forced air cooling for all cards, and additional cooling for the power supplies.