Ross Video Carbonite Ultra Switcher with Black Panel- USED

Call for Price

Carbonite Ultra System Includes:

  • Carbonite Black Panel
  • 2 Power Supplies
  • Software Version:
  • 24 Input
  • 14 Output


Built on the foundation of Carbonite, the world’s most popular mid-sized switcher platform. Carbonite Ultra is backed by a team with 40+ years of production switcher development and one of the highest-rated customer support teams in the industry.

Frame syncs, format conversions, extensive production monitoring, powerful chroma keying, audio mixing/processing and more… all in a single 1RU frame. You will be ready for anything a production can throw at you.

Video the way you need it. Carbonite Ultra supports all common video standards including SD, HD, 3G 1080P, as well as 12G UHD for multi-ME configurations. Also, Carbonite Ultra can add an optional license for a full set of I/O processing resources to ensure a visually-consistent and engaging production.

Continually benefit from a software-defined hardware platform that is built to last you a lifetime. Carbonite Ultra customers will receive new features via free-of-charge software updates and exciting new software-licensed functions that go beyond just a production switcher.

Better but not necessarily bigger. All of Carbonite Ultra’s robust features and substantial I/O have been built into a single 1RU chassis. This production switcher will fit anywhere you need it to.

Regardless of signal format, Carbonite Ultra provides extensive transition and effects resources. Full MEs offer keyers with luma, linear, chroma and DVE key types, as well as an additional “hidden” keyer for animated MediaWipe and DVE transitions. Each ME also provides a clean feed output along with two advanced pattern generators for wipes, pattern masks and color washes.

Floating MiniME resources provide additional keyers and transition engines with full preview capabilities, and can be positioned anywhere in the signal path for maximum flexibility.

Each MultiViewer has user-selectable layouts with the individual choice of border, tally and UMD label display for each source. A user-configurable clock can be sized and positioned anywhere on the MultiViewer screen and locked to house time code or internal reference. MultiViewer layouts are easily selected in the DashBoard control interface.

System MultiViewers can display any source or bus in the switcher, while I/O MultiViewers can monitor any input or output.

One I/O MultiViewer and one system MultiViewer is included in the standard feature set, and a second pair can be added via software license. For UHD applications, the optional software license is required to enable a single I/O MultiViewer in addition to the system MultiViewer.