Ross Video Abekas Tria Express Video Playback Server- USED


Ross Video Abekas Tria Express Video Playback Server

  • Excellent Condition
  • JPEG-2000 Native Recording
  • I-Frame Only – 2-Channels of Video+AudioOUT
  • 1-Channel of Video+Key+Audio OUT
  • 1-Channel used for Record IN – 40 hours of media storage
  • 1080/59.94i at 100Mb/sec
  • Support for SDI embedded audio
  • AES3 audio outputs on BNC for each video channel
  • Hot swappable power supplies

Never used, purchased by a previous employee, no longer fits in plan for system upgrades as we’re switching to Blackmagic hardware.


Ross Video Abekas Tria Express Video Playback Server

Every Tria+ video channel can instantly switch between record and play. Since all video channels have access to the shared clip library, one video channel can be actively recording into a clip while another channel plays out that same actively recording clip.

Tria+ servers fitted with AVC-Intra video hardware can operate in 1080P—without reducing channel count. These same servers—when fitted with 4-, 8- or 12-channels—can also be operated respectively as: 1-, 2- or 3-channels in UHD-4K.

The unified “video+key+audio” (VKA) architecture of Tria+ means a single clip contains all three media elements. This dramatically simplifies clip management, media file import and live playout control.

Single, unified VKA clips are much easier for you to load, keep synchronized and to control from external devices, since only a single control port is needed to load and playout both video and key elements.

A wide variety of the most popular self-contained media files with MXF and MOV wrappers can be imported and exported via the built-in USB-2, USB-3, Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports.

The file import process automatically resizes the video contained within the media file, to match the current video format and frame rate in which the Tria+ Server is operating.

Up to nine Export Destinations can be pre-defined by the operator, with each including: file codec and wrapper; export pathway; file naming parameters; and 5-second “clip handles” inclusion.

Remote clip content can be played as stand-alone clips, or as clip content within a Playlist for immediate playout.

No matter where a given clip is stored, any clip can be played in real-time from a source Tria+ server across the Ethernet network, with playback from the SDI video outputs of any other network-connected Tria+ server. In addition, remote clips can be freely trimmed by the operator prior to playout; just as with local clips.