Ross Video Abekas Tria Express Production Server


Abekas Tria Express Production Server

  • TRIA-X-AVC-2-03
  • AVC-I Native
  • 2-Channels
  • 19-Hour Media Storage

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Abekas Tria Express Production Server / AVC-I Native / 2-Channels / 19-Hour Media Storage

Abekas Tria Express Production Server with: AVC-I Native Recording I-Frame Only | 2-Channels of Video+Audio Play OUT; with 1-Channel used for Video+Audio Record IN | 19-Hours Media Storage of HD 1080/59.94i video at 100Mb/s bit rate | 8 mono-tracks Embedded Digital Audio I/O in every video channel | 2 mono-tracks AES Digital Audio I/O on BNC for every video channel | Integrated Audio Router | Control over External Video Routers | Integrated Media File Import and Export tools | Dual redundant Hot-Swap Power Supplies

SD: Not Supported
HD: 720p / 1080i / 1080p @ 50 and 59.94
UHD-4K: Not Supported
Single 2RU Rack-Mount Chassis includes: (1) SSD for Media Storage / USB Keyboard & Mouse / (2) EIC AC power cords / (1) Chassis Rack Mount Kit.

Production Integration
Contribute clips, finished video segments, and animated transitions for use with switchers and on-set displays

Advanced Media Storage
Highly reliable media storage on SSD, in a variety of capacities

Advanced Playlist and Timecode Chase Functions
Create Playlists with programmable flags to have items pause on first/last frame, loop playback, and to advance items with transition effects; also create Timecode Chase clip lists—with precise playout dictated by incoming LTC

Efficient Operations
A clean and uncluttered user interface based upon widely-understood “VTR Transport” operational paradigm

File-Based Operations
Fast media files ingest and export with a wide range of format support

Comprehensive Capabilities
Advanced production server solution that includes clip ingest, trimming, and management

Comprehensive Control
Dedicated RS-422 serial and Ethernet control ports with a wide range of control protocols for switcher integration

Live Recording
Tria Express is the only video production server at its price point that offers live video recording. Tria Express operators can easily capture content such as crowd shots at live events; live program output; or any video feed—which enables time savings and greater
creative flexibility. Because all video channels have access to the shared clip library, one video channel can record a clip while another
channel plays out that same clip, even while it continues to grow.
Some switchers offer internal frame buffers for storing graphics and images. These can be offloaded in seconds by configuring Tria
Express to record them in real time.