Ross Video 2 M/E Carbonite Switcher- USED


Allied Certified Product:

  • 30-day Warranty
  • 72 Hour Inspection Period
  • Product has been Bench Tested


  • Frame- 4802AR-200-02
  • Panel- 4802AR-220-01
  • 16 inputs and 8 output
  • 1080i59.94 and 720p.
  • CP2S Panel with the Carbonite Frame
  • Redundant power for both panel and frame
  • Menu buttons don’t display but do work. 1 button on the preset row had a slight issue with the color but the button is fully functional.
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The Carbonite series builds on the Ross Video reputation for designing switchers that fit the needs of any production environment.

MultiMedia Inputs
The four MultiMedia inputs on the Carbonite MultiMedia frame can be used for de-interlacing SDI video signals, or inputting Analog Component, Analog Composite, or non-HDCP HDMI video signals. These inputs also support normal SDI.

Analog Reference Input and Output
The switcher supports both external and internal reference sources. The external reference can be an input from a house sync to the single reference input BNC. The internal reference can also be used as a house sync with selectable tri-level sync or analog black burst with independent H/V settings for each of the two reference
output BNCs.

Although tri-level sync is recommended as your reference source for all HD applications, analog black burst can be used when operating the switcher.

3G and 1080p 29.97 Video Formats
The switcher supports the 1080p 59.94Hz, 1080p 50Hz, and 1080p 29.97Hz video formats. To operate in these modes, the switcher must be restarted and some features and resources are limited or unavailable.

Integrated Up/Down Converters
All switchers come with integrated up/down converters and frame synchronizers (FSFC) capable of converting
1080i or 720p to SD, as well as convert SD signals to 1080i, or cross-convert 720p to 1080i.

Format conversion is not supported on the Carbonite frame when the switcher is operating in 720p or 1080pSF.  The Carbonite MultiMedia frame supports de-interlacing on the multimedia inputs, except for progressive segmented frame (pSF) formats. The multimedia inputs support de-interlacing of the 720p format.

In a 3G or 1080p 29.97Hz switcher mode, the FSFC functionality is limited on the Carbonite MultiMedia and
Carbonite+ switchers, and is not available on the Carbonite and Carbonite eXtreme switchers.

Custom Controls
This feature brings the power of macros to the switcher operator. A series of button presses can be easily recorded and assigned to any custom control button. Step through complex show openings as easily as pressing Custom Control buttons 1, 2, then 3.