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The CB9 Carbonite Control Panel from Ross Video is a hardware control panel designed for use with the separately available Carbonite Black Solo 1 RU engine. Together the two units provide the same functions as the Black Solo All-in-One, but with the flexible positioning of two smaller components. The CB9 can also be used for multipoint control with either the Solo Engine or the Solo All-in-One. Connect the control panel to the engine via its Ethernet port, and begin switching your production.

The CB9 control panel has eight switcher source buttons, nine M/E source buttons, and dedicated keyer auto-trans buttons. Use the T-bar fader, and X/Y joystick with a separate Z-axis encoder, for additional control. Buttons feature background PanelGlow illumination, and the ability to customize button colors for quick bus identification.

1ME Carbonite Panel

Panel Includes:
•9 XPTs for BKGD, PST and KEY/AUX/CC Buses
•Dedicated Keyer Auto Trans Buttons
•Full Next Transition Area with Ross Video exclusive Roll Clip Function
•Legendary Ross Fader Bar (Lifetime Warranty on Faders!!)
•On Panel Menu with Support for DashBoard GUI Menu as well
•X/Y Joystick with separate Z axis encoder
•Ethernet Connection to Processing Frame
•Works with all Carbonite Engines.
•Comprehensive System Operation and Engineering Manuals
•Full 1 Year Transferable Warranty
•Free Lifetime Software Updates via Ross Website