RED DSMC® S35 Al PL Mount 2.0 (Captive)


RED DSMC® S35 Al PL Mount 2.0 (Captive)

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The DSMC® S35 Al PL Mount 2.0 (Captive) allows you to use PL mount cinema lenses with your DSMC or DSMC2® BRAIN. Lightweight aluminum alloy construction and a solid locking mechanism provides durable, lightweight support for PL mount glass. Captive screws provide a secure attachment and allow for more convenient mount removal. This mount is a must-have for cinematographers looking for the cinematic aesthetic of PL lenses.


NOTE: For DSMC RED EPIC® and SCARLET® cameras, the DSMC Fan 2.0 (Bottom) and the DSMC S35 Al PL Mount 2.0 are not natively compatible with each other, since the fan grill prevents the lens mount locking ring from rotating. To use these devices together, remove the lower tabs from the locking ring using a T8 TORX® driver.