RED DSMC® S35 Al Nikon Mount (Captive)


RED DSMC® S35 Al Nikon Mount (Captive)

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The DSMC® S35 Nikon Mount enables you to equip a wide variety of Nikkor AF-S and AF-D compatible lenses to your DSMC or DSMC2® BRAIN. The DSMC Nikon Mount offers modularity and convenience while supporting autofocus and electronic iris control with compatible lenses.


The mount attaches easily to the front of your camera BRAIN® and uses a dual-ring lock system to secure Nikkor AF-S and AF-D lenses. Both aluminum and titanium models feature captive mounting screws, so you’ll never have to worry about searching for hardware.


• Autofocus support available for select AF-S lenses

• Electronic iris control available for select AF-S and AF-D compatible lenses

• Touch focus enabled for select lenses

• No backfocus adjustments necessary when switching mounts

• Lightweight machined aluminum or robust titanium options