1x V-RAPTOR Camera System
1x RED® Compact Dual V-Lock Charger
2x RED® PRO CFexpress 660GB
1x RED® CFexpress Card Reader
1x DSMC3 RED® Touch 7.0″ LCD
1x V-RAPTOR Top Handle
1x V-RAPTOR Expander Blade
1x V-RAPTOR Quick Release Platform Pack
1x DSMC3 RED® 5-Pin to Dual XLR Adapter


Add the latest DSMC3 camera to your production with the V-RAPTOR Production Pack Lite from RED DIGITAL CINEMA. This pack includes the V-RAPTOR 8K VV + 6K S35 dual-format camera, a 660GB PRO CFexpress card, a CFexpress card reader, a RED Touch 7″ LCD monitor, a top handle, an expander blade, a quick release platform pack, a 5-pin to dual XLR adapter, and an AC power supply for the camera.

The V-RAPTOR captures up to 8K VistaVision and 6K Super35 video and it features an RF lens mount, dual 12G-SDI outputs, REDCODE Raw recording at high frame rates, 1080p streaming, 17+ stops of dynamic range, and phase-detection autofocus. The included AC adapter keeps the camera powered, and the CFexpress card is designed specifically for the new line of DSMC3 cameras. Separately available MICRO-V batteries can be purchased to provide battery power.

The top handle features multiple 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threads for mounting additional accessories. The quick release platform pack features an Arca-type mounting plate that is compatible with battery plates and 15mm LWS rod systems, as well as the included expander blade. The expander blade adds functionality to the V-RAPTOR and provides genlock BNC connector, a 5-pin timecode connector, a 3-pin Run/Stop trigger connector, and a 4-pin RED CTRL connector. The 5-pin to dual-XLR adapter allows you to add 3-pin XLR audio inputs to the camera while also providing 48V phantom power and mic/line input.

In keeping with the V-RAPTOR’s smaller footprint, power is obtained using RED and Core SWX-developed Micro-V mount batteries or RED-approved batteries from Anton Bauer, bebob, FXlion, Hawk-Woods, IDX, and SWIT. Measuring less than 3″ wide, the 98Wh RED Micro-V batteries will power the camera for about one hour, with one battery charging in about 2.5 hours and two in 4 hours on the dual charger. Full-size V-mount and Gold-mount adapters will be available as well for users who already have a supply of those batteries or want longer runtimes.