Panasonic AK-HC3500P Camera Chain- USED


We have two of these Panasonic AK-HC3500P chains available and both are in excellent condition! These cameras and accessories have been used and they have signs of wear and tear. Contact us today for more details on these Panasonic camera chains!


  • Panasonic AK-HC3500P Camera
  • Panasonic AK-HRP935 RCP
  • Panasonic AK-HCU3550 CCU
  • Panasonic AK-HVF931AN Studio VF


This unit is a new-generation multi-format HD camera that
supports the 1080i format.  It uses a new-generation 2/3-inch 2.2-megapixel IT-CCD
[1920 (H)  1080 (V)] imaging device. This newly developed CCD employs leading-edge processes and embodies a
fresh look taken at the on-chip lens and CCD structure to improve the sensitivity, smear and dynamic range by
a significant margin over previous CCDs. Furthermore, Panasonic’s horizontal single-line readout CCD and
high-precision signal processing combine to achieve pixel shifting and a dramatic reduction in moire within the band.
Another salient feature is the newly developed digital signal processor LSI chip which is mounted in the camera head
and supports 14-bit A/D conversion: This chip processes the gamma, knee, detail, matrix and other process signals,
delivers the kind of multi-functionality, high quality and high stability that digital technology alone can provide, and
improves the operating ease. The 14-bit A/D converter is instrumental in creating a
stable wide dynamic circuit with a high signal-to-noise ratio from the dark area all the way to the highlights. Using the
dynamic range stretch (DRS) function which adjusts the gamma correction optimally in real time, both the dark areas
and light areas can now be reproduced with startling clarity.
The camera head with its new design features an overall smaller size and lower profile that neatly taken into
consideration the performance of buildup operations, and the fact that it is now possible to connect it with the buildup
unit without the need to hook up any cables has resulted in a significant improvement in both operability and applicability.
The amount of heat generated by the camera has also been slashed as a result of adopting a low-power-consumption
design for the new circuits and a heat-dissipation design for the new chassis.
When this Multi-Format Camera is connected to a CCU (AK-HCU931, optional accessory), not only can HD signals
be input and output but SD signals (D1, VBS) can be output and RET/PROMPT signals can be input as well.
The iris, pedestal, gain and other camera adjustments can be carried out by remote control using a unit such as the
ROP (AK-HRP931) or MSU (AK-MSU935) available as optional accessories.