Pair of Two Rack-Mountable SSA-424 Dual Hybrid Intercom Interfaces – Used


Pair of Two Rack-Mountable SSA-424 Dual Hybrid Intercom Interfaces – Used


The Telex SSA-424 is a professional dual hybrid intercom interface, allowing for RTS party line or Matrix system connection to virtually any party-line intercom system in use today. The half-space rack unit offers two independent channels of two-wire (TW) to four-wire hybrids.

The SSA-424 TW interface is suitable for both balanced and unbalanced party-line systems, and an option card allows translation of call lights and two-way radio interfacing. The clear, brightly-lit front panel level meters simplify audio level matching, and the front panel level trims and selectors are intuitively labeled and arranged. The RTS advanced DSP hybrid eliminates manual nulling, even under widely varying loads, for feed-back free integration with two-wire lines.

The SSA-424 is an advanced yet moderately priced solution, designed to support the integration of larger intercom systems in the field or in fixed installations.  This option board provides call signal compatibility with RTS, AudioCom and ClearCom two wire systems. The output can also be directly connected to an ADAM, ADAM-CS, CRONUS, or ZEUS GPI port.  No external circuitry is required.


  • Automatic Nulling
  • Peak Ready Level Meters
  • Direct ADAM or Zeus Audio Connection
  • Transformer Isolated
  • Call Signal Option
  • Brightly-lit peak-reading level meters
  • Clearly labeled four-wire level and two-wire system type selector trims
  • Half-Rack Wide, 1 RU High