NewTek Tricaster TCXD460 with Control Surface- Like New


NewTek Tricaster TCXD460 Includes:

  • Control Surface
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Main Frame
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NewTek Tricaster TCXD460 with Control Surface

TriCaster 460 are all-purpose video production systems scaled for smaller racks and mobile units. From live and on-demand programs that look infinitely bigger to engaging social and second-screen experiences, create multi-platform productions to open up more revenue opportunities and extend your brand.

Revolutionize your mobile and studio productions with:

  • Software-driven HD switching, streaming, recording, and delivery
  • Mid-size production power with 4 M/Es, 8 external inputs, and 4 mix outputs
  • Native integration of NDI® for video, audio, and data transmission over IP
  • Built-in video playback, data-driven graphics, compositing, effects, audio mixing, and more

Access up to 8 live video sources from any combination of compatible systems, devices, and software. Roll full-length video packages or short b-roll clips. Present live titles, graphics, and animated effects. And craft sophisticated compositions and elaborate virtual set scenes that captivate your audience.

Scale to fit your show. Connect cameras directly or expand your available live sources over IP. Flex your workspace and control to suit a single operator or a small team. And output to one or multiple destinations simultaneously—on site or across the network.

Mountains of gear are a thing of the past. Make the most of just 2RU of rack space in a flightpack or tight space, and gain a freedom of movement that’s just not possible with racks of individual components pieced together.
Take it easier. Record common moves with macros, and expand production possibilities while reducing on-air mistakes. Streamline sequences with a single action when they’re too complicated to execute live. Use MIDI control, on-camera hotspots, and PTZ cameras to make smaller productions look like larger shows.

Form Factor

Integrate TriCaster into any production environment, setup, or workflow, with form factors ranging from the highly portable TriCaster Mini to the 4RU rackmount TriCaster 8000.


Synchronize the timing with other equipment in your production environment using an external reference signal.*TriCaster 8000 and 460 only

Mix-and-Match Video Inputs

Connect video cameras or devices of any supported connection type, resolution, frame rate, and aspect ratio, with per-input configuration.

Mix-and-Match Video Outputs

Configure multiple video outputs for any combination of supported signals and connection types.


Supports input of robotic pan-tilt-zoom cameras via serial and network protocols, including RS232, RS422, and IP.

PTZ Camera Control

Operate robotic pan-tilt-zoom cameras directly from the user interface, including camera orientation, zoom, focus, and iris, with position presets, speed control, and preview images.

Router Support

Select and switch between router sources directly from the user interface when connected to a compatible upstream video router.


Import, record, and store hours of video, images, graphics, and more for your production using supported storage methods.

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