NewTek NC2 Studio I/O Module- NEW



NewTek’s latest and most advanced, NC2 Studio I/O Module for media production professionals and broadcasters, is here. 

NewTek’s all-new NC2 Studio Input/Output Module delivers connectivity solutions for media production professionals and broadcasters alike
NC2 Studio I/O Module offers unmatched support for the most demanding of productions and broadcast workflows with complex and high-speed networking environments. 

As the ultimate in studio flexibility, offering 12G-SDI support along with 10Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, NC2 I/O breaks down barriers to visual storytelling and is perfect for even the most complex IO workflow

Like all NewTek products, our product designers have ingrained NDI 5 into the NC2 I/O module. This new edition supports all the latest features of NDI 5 and make it possible to connect to any device in any location anywhere in the world;

NC2 Studio I/O delivers:

  • Superior and secure connectivity
  • Efficient production workflows 
  • Ultra-high resolution  
  • Simultaneous multiple channel recordings 
  • High speed connectivity across the globe 
  • NDI Compatibility 

Enhance your existing SDI equipment and become part of this versatile IP-based production workflow. Order yours today!

NewTek’s NC2 Studio I/O Module is the ultimate solution for connecting technologies, translating video, and expanding any workflow.

  • Simultaneously record up to 8 SDI inputs and combine with NewTek’s Network Remote Storage
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for high-speed networking environments
  • Adaptable audio workflows through connection with USB and network-based audio drivers*
  • Greater I/O flexibility with support for 12G-SDI devices
  • Integrated NDI® KVM technology enabling remote module access and control
  • Supports all the very latest NDI 5 Features